September 2012

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

You are cordially invited to attend the stated meeting on Friday, September 28, 2012 at 7:30 pm, for the purpose of receiving petitions, balloting, and transacting any business that may legally come before the Chapter. Sister Officers may wear colored gowns.

This will be our annual meeting with election of officers and the presentation of annual committee reports. A vote for the recommendation of the Finance Committee on dues will be done.

Collation: Under the direction of Sister Lisa J. M. Proulx, P.M., A.M., assisted by Sister Judy A. Porter and Brother Robert M. Porter Jr., P.P.

NH Grand Chapter: Our congratulations go out to Sister Joyce E. Brown, P.M., Grand Ruth, on a job well done at Grand Chapter! In total, 36 Pilgrim Chapter members were in attendance, without whom sessions would have not been possible! Sister Lisa F Britko, P.M.–Housing; Brother Henry L Brown, P.P.-Asst. Grand Sentinel-Chair, Hall committee, GR to Minnesota; Sister Joyce Brown, P.M.-Grand Ruth; Brother Jeffrey L Brown. P.G.P. Hall Committee-Loading and unloading of paraphernalia, Sound System Asst. for Installation; Brother Ronald C Carbary, P.P. -Photographer’s Assistant, 2012-2013 Grand Chaplain; Sister Jacqueline J Cole-GR to New York; Sister Amanda Correa Passo-Grand Page; Brother Larry D Gullett, P.P.-Hall committee-Unloading of paraphernalia, 2012-2013 Grand Sentinel; Sister Shelley M Gullett P.G.M.–2012-2013 Grand Secretary; Sister Lisa K Hollis, P.M.-Guidepost and Youth Table Attendant, 2012-2013 Grand Esther; Brother Robert M Porter, Jr. P.P. -Representing Rising Sun Lodge as Master; Sister Lisa JM Proulx, P.M.-Hall Committee-Decorations, Guidepost Table, Installation Ceremony for Starpoints, 2012-2013 Deputy Grand Marshal; Sister Nikia A Quesnel-Drill Formation for Grand Family; Sister Joan L Smith, P.M.-General Session Chair, Hall Committee, Installing Grand Soloist, Photographer’s Assistant; Brother Brian J Smith, P.G.P.-Sound system, Hall Committee- Unloading of paraphernalia, Installing Grand Chaplain, Soloist; Sister Lois A Taylor, P.M.-Youth Table Attendant; Sister Tracey L Thompson-Sound system, Hall Committee- Loading and unloading of paraphernalia; Sister Pamela G Williams. P.M. – Installation Ceremony for Starpoints; Brother Anthony F Zanichkowsky-Official Photographer. Also in attendance: Brother Robert S Bean, P.P., Sisters Deb Bean, Jennifer H Bean and Wendy R Bean, Sister Gail F Brown, P.M., Sister Bonnie L Carbary, P.G.M., Sister Stacy M Desrosiers, P.M., Sister B. Judith Fenner, P.G.M., Brother Frank H Fenner, P.G.P., Brother John W Jackson, P.G.P., Sister Sherry M Jackson, P.M., Sister Phyllis A Lackie, P.M., Sister Linda D Riggs, P.M., Sister Leslee E Steele, Sister Jennifer A Taylor, P.M., Sister Janet L Thompson, P.M., and Brother Richard J Thompson, P.P.

We are pleased to have the following members installed and serving in a Grand Officer capacity this coming year: Sister Shelley M. Gullett, P.G.M., Grand Secretary; Brother Ronald L. Carbary, Grand Chaplain; Sister Lisa K. Hollis, P.M., Grand Esther, Brother Larry D. Gullett, P.P., Grand Sentinel; and Sister Lisa J. M. Proulx, P.M., Deputy Grand Marshal. We are very proud of you and hope you the best during your year!

Flea Market: Pilgrim Chapter will be participating in the Hollis Flea Market on Saturday, Sept 8. We could use your help from 7am through 3 pm to help tag and sell items. Please contact Sisters Pamela G. Williams, P.M., Shelley M. Gullett, P.G.M., or Lisa F. Britko, P.M., W.M. if you have items you would like to donate. We would also appreciate anyone’s assistance in helping at the sale that day.

What happened at our recent meeting? Prior to the stated meeting in June we had a pot luck supper and enjoyed a time of fellowship. At the meeting, Longevity Members were honored. Sister Susan I. Douglas, P.M., presented her daughter, Sister Julie I. Marciello with her 25-year certificate and pin. The Past Matrons and Past Patrons were also honored at the meeting. Afterwards, a time of social enjoyment was had by all.

Need Help Getting to a Meeting? If at any time you would like to come to a meeting and are unable to drive, or need help getting to and from the Nashua Temple, please do not hesitate to contact the Worthy Matron, Worthy Patron, or the Secretary and we will arrange for transportation for you!
Congratulations to Sister Mary Catherine Albenzi, who gave birth to a daughter, Athena on July 23; to Brother David Hunt and Sister Nora Hunt on the birth of their son, Timothy on August 10; to Sister Edith Holmes, Sister Jean C. Sudsbury, P.M. and Brother Raymond M. Flynn, P.P. on their special birthday celebrations were held this summer; to Sister Allyson J. Britko, who graduated in May from Colby-Sawyer College; to those honored at Grand Assembly in June: Sister Nikia Quesnel, Grand Recorder; Sister Allyson J. Britko, State Grand Deputy; Sister Shelley M. Gullett, P.G.M., State Mother Advisor, GEC; Sister Tracey L. Thompson, Cond., Coord. of Grand Assembly, Advisor of the Year; Jennifer A. Taylor, P.M., Grand Deputy to Nashua, GEC; Sister Lisa F. Britko, P.M., W.M., Grand Deputy to Milford, GEC.

Sickness and Distress: Sister MaryEllen Brown and Sister Loretta Kandres were both briefly hospitalized but are now home and on the mend; Brother Mark A. Marden, P.P., is finally home after long-term hospitalization; Please keep Sister Tracey L. Thompson, Conductress, and her family in your prayers as she continues her chemotherapy treatments; Sister Jeannette L. Healey, P.M., has been under the weather and could use some cards of cheer; Brother John Senter, P.P., and Sister Judith Trest, P.M. both continue to do well after being hospitalized in June; Sister Ellen Winters is now a resident at the Courville in Nashua; Brother David C Thompson Jr P.G.P. is scheduled for surgery at the end of August, and could use ‘get well’ cards in the weeks ahead.

Sympathy is extended to the family of Sister MaryEllen Brown who lost her uncle in July; to Sister Natalie Prevo who lost her uncle in August, and to Sister Lee Ogonowski-Prevo on the passing of her brother-in-law.

Dues and Assessment: Reminder dues notices went out in July to those who owe for 2012 dues, as well as previous years. In September the names of those late with dues payment will go to the Relief committee to be acted upon. If you still owe please get your payment into the Secretary ASAP.

2012-2013 Installation: The Installation for the 2012-13 Term of Officers is Saturday, October 20 at 4pm. Light refreshments will be available after installation. More information will be included in our next bulletin.

Tabs for Shriners: The Nashua Rainbow Girls continue to collect can tabs for the Shiners’ Hospitals as a service project and would be more than happy to take any tabs collected off your hands. Feel free to drop Tabs off at any meeting, or if you need a pick up from your home feel free to contact Sister Lisa Britko, P.M., W.M., for pick-up of tabs from your home. A big thank you goes out to Sisters Jeannette L Healey P.M. and Barbara J Rooks, P.M. who donated many, many tabs this summer to the cause!

  • Upcoming Events!
  • Sept 6 Nashua #9 Rainbow/Pledge Stated Mtng
  • Sept 8 Flea Market Fundraiser in Hollis
  • Sept 9 OES Grand Reception, 2pm in Manchester
  • Sept 11 Ancient York Lodge #89 Stated Mtng
  • Sept 16 Pledge Breakfast
  • Sept 19 Rising Sun Lodge #39 Stated Mtng
  • Sept 20 Nashua #9 Rainbow/Pledge Stated Mtng
  • Sept 21-23 NASCAR Races fundraiser
  • Oct 4 Nashua #9 Rainbow/Pledge stated
  • Oct 7 Grand Officers Day, NH Rainbow, Franklin
  • Oct 9 Ancient York #89 Stated Mtng
  • Oct 20 Pilgrim Chapter Installation
  • Oct 21 Making Strides Walk for Breast Cancer, Arms Park, Manchester, NH 10:30AM

Supper Dates: We have some suppers coming up that we can use help with! The dates are: Sept 5, Oct 1, and Oct 3. Anyone wishing to volunteer to serve the suppers, please contact Sister Shelley M. Gullett at (603)533-9028.

Making Strides Walk for Breast Cancer: Sister Tracey Thompson’s family and coworkers will be walking the Making Strides Walk for Breast Cancer on October 21, 2012 at Arms Park in Manchester, NH at 10:30AM. Anyone wishing to participate can contact Tracey Thompson at (603)261-5277, or visit the website at Tracey’s Team is “United We Stand for TT,” which was started by her co-workers at United Healthcare. We have raised over $3,000 thus far for Breast Cancer research and would love to have people walk or donate!

From the East: Brother Larry and I wish to thank the members and officers of Pilgrim Chapter for allowing us to serve as your Worthy Patron and Worthy Matron this past year. It has been fun and we appreciate all the support from each and every one of you. Our best wishes to Sister Lisa and Brother Brian for a successful upcoming term!

“May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be at your back,
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.”

In Star Love and Hugs,

Lisa F. Britko
c/o Robinson
11 Chatfield Drive
Nashua, NH 03063
Larry D. Gullett
PO Box 365 Nashua, NH 03062 (603)582-7233

Joan L. Smith P.M. Secretary
16 Cliff Road, Nashua, NH 03062

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If there is any change in
your address, please notify our Secretary so that she May correct
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