Colors Hot Pink and Sea Blue
Emblem Open Bible
Flower Pink Rose and Lily of the Valley
Mascot Butterflies
Motto Charity, Truth and Loving Kindness
Charities Humane Society of Greater Nashua(collecting blankets), Evergreen Place (accepting puzzles), Bridges for Battered Women(collecting toiletries) GWA Fund-Mason Jars for Maddie(collecting loose change)
Bible Verse And now Abideth faith, hope and charity, but the greatest of these is Charity
Installing Suite:
Installing Grand Matron: Jean E. DeSisto PGM Mass
Installing Grand Patron Robert M. Porter Jr. PP
Installing Past Grand Marshal Sandra E. Osten PM CT
Installing Grand Chaplain Caroline V. Maselli Grand Chaplain CT
Installing Grand Organist Rhoda W. Hardy PGO
Soloist Jennifer C. Messina PGWA NH
Shelley M. Gullett, P. G. M.
Lisa Britko PM and John Jackson, PGP
Aimee K. Busby, Chairman assisted by Tatiana E. Fowler,Margaret B. Lowrance and all Members
EXAMINING Jennifer H. Bean PM, Robert S. Bean, PP, Lois A. Taylor PMFINANCE:
Janet L. Thompson, PM, Chair.
Judy A. Porter QS, Robert M. Porter Jr.
Conductress and Associate Conductress
Stacy M. Desrosiers, P.M.
Lisa K. Hollis, PM GM and Brian J. Smith, PGP
Nancy E. Brooks PM. Stephen K. Babsler, PP, Aimee Busby, John W. Jackson, PGP, Brian J. Smith, PGP, Tracy L. Thompson, PM, Joan L. Smith, AGM.
Stephen K. Bashler, P.P., A.P.
Phyllis A. Lackie, P.M.
Lisa F. Britko P.M.
Tracey L. Thompson P.M.
Sandra M. Libby (Chair)
Elected Officers and
All Chapter Members
Lisa J. Proulx, PM Directory, John W. Jackson PGP, Lois A. Taylor PM
100th ANNIVERSARY Tracey L. Thompson, PM, Chairman. Lisa J. Proulx PM, Lisa F. Britko, PM, Lisa K. Hollis, PM, Nancy E. Brooks, PM, Lois A. Taylor, PM, Joan L. Smith, AGM, Stacy M. Desrosiers, PM, Pamela G. Williams, PM, Robert S. Bean III PP. All PGM and PGP as contributors