Dear Sisters and Brothers:
You are cordially invited to attend the following stated meeting for the purpose of transacting any business that may legally come before the Chapter. Officers may wear colored gowns/tuxes or suits for the stated meeting, unless initiation.

Friday, April 22, 2022 at 7:30pm: Regular Stated Meeting- Honoring Rainbow and DeMolay
Friday, May 27, 2022 at 7:30 pm: Regular Stated Meeting- Honoring Past Matrons, Past Patrons, Longevity Members
Friday, June 24, 2022 at 7:30 pm: Regular Stated Meeting- Initiation- lady officers in white gowns.

Collation –Cheerful Companionship and Social Enjoyment (under the direction of Sister Casey L Rainey, P.M., A.M., assisted by Sister Judy A. Porter and Brother Robert M. Porter Jr. P.P.) will be held after the meeting. Sister Casey needs assistance from members to set up and clean up collation on the meeting night.

Suppers: We have upcoming suppers: Monday April 4, Monday April 11, Thursday April 14, Monday April 18. All will need several people in kitchen and/or waitstaff. Contact Sister Lisa Britko PM if you can assist (

Congratulations: To Sister Sandy Leduc, PM, (whom we consider one of our own!) who was elected Associate Grand Conductress in the jurisdiction of Florida! We are very proud of you! Best wishes!

Thinking of You: Well wishes continue to go out to Sister Shirley Van Vliet and Brother Henry Brown PP after their recent hospitalization. To Sister Joyce Brown PM after her recent procedure. To Sister Shelley Gullett PGM as she continues with her medical treatments. To Sister Jackie Cole QS during her recent medical issues. To Brother Bob Porter PP after his recent surgery and hospitalization.

Sympathy: Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Sister Shirley Grant Nason. To those who fondly remember Sister Jane J Sims PGM, and Sister Elisabeth S White PGM. To Sister Linda ‘Casey’ Rainey PM at the loss of her brother Larry.

In Memoriam:
Sister Shirley Grant Nason- born 9/18/35- initiated 2/27/98- passed 2/5/22- a 24 year member
Sister Jane J Sims PGM- born 6/21/35 initiated 10/5/76 passed 2/27/22- a 45 yr member
Sister Elisabeth S White PGM- born 8/29/33 initiated 10/10/60 passed 3/5/22- 61 yr member

“Wherever a beautiful soul has been there is a trail of beautiful memories”

Update on 100th Activities! Save the date for October 16, 2022 for our Gala Celebration! It will be held at the Alpine Grove. Our committee is meeting April 5th – watch for updates soon.

100 for the 100th
Our 100th Anniversary celebration of the start of Pilgrim Chapter has just begun. As we prepare to have our final celebratory party of our Chartering we invite interested members to contribute to the One Hundred Dollar Club for the 100th Anniversary. If you contribute (or have contributed thus far) a straight monetary donation of $100 toward the Anniversary fund, your name will go on a plaque commemorating your donation. Those interested please send your check payable to Pilgrim Chapter #55, to Sister Joan Smith, PGM, Secy, 16 Cliff Rd. Nashua, NH 03062.

In honor of our 100th with Spring in the air, a special poem from one of our dear Past Matrons, and long time Treasurer of our Chapter, who was rather prolific in poetry writing:

Think Spring
“Dreary winter now has passed.
Warm spring days are here at last.
Tulips and daffodils grow big and tall
All along the garden walls.
Robins have made their return, it’s true;
The air is fresh, the sky is blue.
Mother Nature is doing her best
To bring back the beauty that’s been at rest.
We thank you Lord, for all you’ve done
To let us know that Spring has sprung!”
~Beverly F Burleigh, PM~

Important Dates:
April 8 -10- OES Ball Weekend April 9- Consolidation of Olive Branch with Mt Eustis
April 12- Ancient York meeting April 13- Puritan OV
April 17- Easter April 18- 68 hours of hunger event
April18-PHA OV April 19- WAUF OV
April 20- Aletheon Chapter Installation- Woburn April 20-Rising Sun meeting
April 21- Rainbow meeting /Visitation April 21-23- CT Grand Chapter
April 23- Priscilla OV May 4- Serenity OV
May 5- Rainbow meeting May 7- IORG Charity Ball- Nashua
May 7- Mt Eustis OV May 10- Ancient York meeting
May 12- CVMM OV May 13-14 Annual York Rite convocation
May 13-15- NH QU exchange- plus Grand Conductress Formation meeting
May 16-18 Maine Grand Chapter May 17- PMW OV
May 18- Rising Sun meeting May 19- Rainbow meeting
May 19-21- Mass Grand Chapter May 21- Grand Lodge Convocation
May 23- Mizpah Eunice OV June 1-3 VT Grand Chapter
June 2- Crescent OV June 2- Rainbow meeting
June4-Derry Assy-Retting of Shelley as MA June 4- Masonicon- Manchester
June 7 Ruth OV June 8- Ellacoya OV
June 11- Franklin OV June 12- GWA Homecoming
June 14- Ancient York meeting June 15- Rising Sun meeting
June 16- Rainbow meeting June 17-19- Rising Sun 200th Anniversary celebration
June 18- PAGO meeting/Granite Stars announcements June 28- Over the Edge Learning Center fundraiser
July 1-3- NH Grand Assembly- Nashua

Star Anniversary:
Michael Arnold 6/26- 7 yrs

Deb Bartol 6/23- 22 yrs

Bob Bean- 6/24- 17 yrs

Lisa Britko- 6/23- 27 yrs
Jeff Brown- 4/23- 18 yrs

Joyce Brown- 6/17- 37 yrs

Mary Jo Carden- 6/28- 74 yrs

Roberta Champagne- 4/3- 51 yrs
Donald Clement- 4/18- 70 yrs

Doris Cobb- 5/25- 66 yrs

Jackie Cole- 4/23- 54 yrs

Cindy Covey- 5/23- 63 yrs
Evelyn Dailey- 5/14- 64 yrs

Stacy Desrosiers- 6/24- 28 yrs

Walt Freeman- 6/7- 12 yrs

Gail Heimbach- 6/28- 54 yrs
Angie Isaia- 6/4- 13 yrs

John Jackson –6/24- 28 yrs

Sherry Jackson- 6/24- 28 yrs

Delores Lamson- 4/4- 28 yrs

Wayne Libby- 4/25- 19 yrs

Sandi Libby- 4/25- 19yrs

Kimmie Maier- 4/9- 8 yrs

Mark Murray- 4/4- 9 yrs
Ally Nisotakis- 5/23- 14 yrs

Fred Pauling- 4/26- 37 yrs

Judy Porter- 4/25- 19 yrs

Linda Riggs- 4/15- 45 yrs
Andi Sousa- 6/26- 7yrs

Stephen Stock- 6/4- 9yrs

Pam Taylor- 6/20- 47 yrs

Jenny Taylor Arnold- 4/29- 26 yrs
Lorraine Thompson- 6/20-36 yrs

Rick Thompson- 6/14- 39 yrs

Judy Trest- 6/28- 54 yrs

Gerald Valcourt- 6/20- 36 yrs
Shirley Van Vliet- 5/28- 51 yrs

Sam Varjabedian- 6/23- 5 yrs

Joann Vickery Lister- 5/21- 54 yrs
Tony Zanichkowsky- 4/22- 11 yrs

Nashua Assembly #9 I.O.R.G. and Pledge & Sparkles:
Meetings are held on the first and third Thursdays of each month at 7:00 pm. OES and Masonic members are encouraged to attend ALL events. Please feel free to contact Sister Aimee Busby, M.A. for more information regarding any Rainbow events at (603) 320-9486.

For Pledges and Sparkles, please call Tatiana Fowler, Pledge Mother at (603) 809-8357, if you know of a girl between 6-11 years old (for Pledge) and 4-6 years old (for Sparkle) who would like to join.

From the East: Sisters and Brothers: Greetings! We hope that everyone is as excited for the warm weather as we are. We’ve been stuck inside far too long because of the weather and the pandemic and it is time for us to see each other in sunshine once again. We have a lot of fun events coming up in order to celebrate Pilgrim Chapter’s 100th Anniversary, so keep an eye out for dates coming soon. In April, we will be honoring our youth organizations as they are our future. In May it will be time to honor our Past Matrons and Patrons for their service to our Chapter and the prosperity they have brought us. In June, just before the hiatus begins, we will be having an initiation. We hope to see many faces at each of our meetings and anywhere in between. In Star Love, Tatiana E Fowler, WM and John W Jackson, PGP, WP