Dear Sisters and Brothers:
You are cordially invited to attend the following stated meetings for the purpose of transacting any business that may legally come before the Chapter. Officers may wear colored gowns/tuxes or suits for the stated meeting, unless initiation, visitation, or installation.

Friday, March 22, 2024 at 7:00 pm: Stated meeting – Special program
Friday, April 26, 2024 at 7:00 pm: Stated meeting- Balloting
Friday, May 24, 2024 at 7:00 pm: Stated meeting- Longevity program
Advanced planning:
Friday, June 28, 2024 at 7:00 pm: Stated meeting- Initiation

Collation –Cheerful Companionship and Social Enjoyment (under the direction of Sister Lisa Hollis, PM, WM, assisted by all members of the chapter) will be held after the meeting. Signed up are: March – Casey Rainey and Nancy Brooks,
April – Pam Taylor, May – Tatiana Fowler, June-Janet Thompson and Joyce Brown

Murder Mystery Mayhem: Our next Murder Mystery Dinner is coming up fast at the Nashua Masonic Temple “ Magic Kingdom Mayhem “ will be on April 13th – doors open at 5pm- cocktail hour is 6-7pm with dinner and show starting at 7pm. Tickets are $30 per person and $50 per couple. Call or email Sister Jenny Taylor Arnold PM for tickets at 603-486-7029 or . Hurry before we sell out!

Suppers: At present we have one supper lined up on May 4th for Ancient York Lodge. We will need both kitchen crew and servers. Please contact your Worthy Matron or Sister Tatiana Fowler, PM, supper chair, if you can assist. ( or (603) 809-8357)

Congratulations: To Sister Meryon S Miner PGM who celebrated her 100th birthday in December. Sisters Jackie Desrosiers on her appointment as Grand Representative to Massachusetts, Casey L Rainey PM on her appointment as Grand Representative to California, and Brothers Michael Tebbetts on his appointment as Grand Representative to Nevada, and Samuel A Varjabedian, PP on his appointment as Grand Representative to Minnesota. Congrats to Claire Desrosiers, Bryan Foose, and Steven Leimonitis on their initiation into OES. Looking forward to seeing you at our meetings!

Thinking of You: Well wishes go out to Sister Casey Rainey PM, Joyce E Brown PM, and Brother Henry L Brown PP, who all had some struggles with health last month or two.

Sympathy: Our condolences are conveyed to the families of Sister June H Sweeney, Mary T Richardson, Doris M Cobb, Anne M Senter PM, and Brother Irving C Cable, PP who passed away recently, and to Grand Chapter at loss of Rev. Brother Wilbur W Hartford, Jr PGP. Sympathy is extended to Sister Joan L Smith, PGM, Allison E Smith Desjardins, and Brother Brian J Smith, PGP, on the loss of her sister, Aunt, and sister-in-law respectively.

June H Sweeney- born June 1, 1933, initiated Oct 24, 1980, died July 24, 2023- a 42 yr member
Mary T Richardson- born 6-15-34 initiated 10-27-61 died 8-23-23 – a 62 yr member
Doris M Cobb – born12-22-27 initiated 5-25-56 died 1-14-24 – a 67 yr member
Anne M Senter PM- born 2-17-41 initiated 1-8-62 affiliated 10-28-77 died 1-4-24- a 62 yr member
Irving C Cable PP- born 8-14-1928 initiated 10-28-1960 died 2-8-2024- a 63 yr member

Chapter happenings: We were delighted to have the WGM/WGP and Gr. Marshal visit and inspect Pilgrim Chapter last month. All our officers did a fabulous job with the work of the order. A recent reminder cam out regarding OES Scholarships due on June 1st- information is available on the website or from your Secretary The Ferguson Sawyer Benevolence Fund is available to help members in need- please see the application process available on the NH Eastern Star website. The Third Sunday breakfasts will now be chaired by several of our fraternal bodies in Nashua (rather than just Rainbow/Pledge). Rainbow/Pledge will only be working one breakfast quarterly and either the Lodges or the Star Chapter will chair the other Breakfasts. Please contact your Worthy Matron if you would like to assist with this important fundraiser. Over the next few months we will be deciding on more fundraisers to do now that we do not have as many suppers to work.

Friday Night Educational Series:
An educational series the Worthy Grand Matron has named as “Friday Night at the Write” is happening the 2nd Friday each month. The aim is to run it on Zoom from 7:00-8:30pm and aims to further educate the membership on various subjects related to OES.  The following topics are scheduled to be discussed at this Zoom event and may be changed (either topic or night) as needed. All members will be invited to attend:
March 8, 2024- Programs to interest and celebrate members
April 12, 2024- Retention practices
May 29, 2024-  Budgeting for the new year
June 14, 2024– Sharing news with your membership, Newsletters
July 12, 2024- Audit committee works
August 2, 2024- prepping for Annual meeting and Installations
September 13, 2024- Working with members in arrears

The Zoom link is below:

Important Dates:
Mar 1-3- Can Am – Niagara Falls, ON Mar 5- Ruth Chapter #16 Visitation Mar 9- School of Instruction
Mar 12-Ancient York Mar 17- Breakfast Mar20-Rising Sun
Mar 21- Rainbow Mar 22- Pilgrim Mar 24- Legislative Review
Mar 28- Grand Family at Trinity Mar 31- Easter Apr 4-Rainbow
Apr 6- IRM OV Apr 7- Rainbow Sunday and GR day for IORG Apr 9- Ancient York
Apr 13- Murder Mystery Apr 14- Ringmaster Carnival Apr 17- Rising Sun
Apr 18- Rainbow Apr 20- Mini Golf Tourney Apr 21- Breakfast
Apr 26- Pilgrim Apr 30- CVMM OV May 4- Mt Eustis OV
May 5- Rockingham OV May 8- Ellacoya OV May 10-11- Grand York Rite
May 10-12- Get Away Weekend May 14- Ancient York May 15- Rising Sun
May 16- Rainbow May 17-18- Grand Lodge May 19- Breakfast
May 24- Pilgrim May 27 -Memorial Day

Star Anniversary:
Jess Alexander- 3/24- 18yrs

Karen Bianchi- 3/26- 31 yrs

Robert Bianchi- 3/26- 31 yrs
Jeff Brown- 4/23- 20 yrs

Lill Calloway- 3/1- 48 yrs

Bonnie Carbary – 3/25- 30 yrs
Roberta Champagne-4/3- 53 yrs

Jackie Cole- 4/23- 56 yrs

Evelyn Dailey- 5/14- 66 yrs
Nikia Davis- 3/26- 14 yrs

Jane Decelle- 3/25- 60 yrs Jackie Desrosiers- 3/27- 3 yrs
Louise Flint- 3/26- 25 yrs

Patti Fuller- 3/23- 45 yrs

Alyson Gagnon- 5/26- 1 yr
Maddie Going- 3/27- 3yrs

Mike Henry- 3/23- 17 yrs

Rich Johnston-3/28- 21 yrs
Delores Lamson- 4/4- 30 yrs

Wayne Libby- 4/25- 21 yrs

Sandi Libby – 4/25- 21 yrs
Mark Murray- 4/4- 11 yrs

Ally Nisotakis- 5/23- 16 yrs

Fred Pauling- 4/26- 39 yrs
Janis Phelps-3/20- 45 yrs

Julie Pitarys-3/25- 47 yrs

Judy Porter-4/25- 21 yrs
Bob Porter- 3/28- 21 yrs

Lisa Proulx- 3/27- 32 yrs

Linda Riggs- 4/15- 47 yrs
Heidi Roy- 3/27- 15 yrs

Brian Smith- 3/26- 31 yrs

Elaine Strand- 3/23- 23 yrs
Jay Taylor-3/27- 15 yrs

Lois Taylor- 3/22- 22yrs

Jenny Taylor Arnold-4/29-28 yrs
Mike Trest- 3/27- 3yrs

Shirley Van Vliet- 5/28-53 yrs

Joann Vickery Lister-5/21-56 yrs
Maddie Weidner- 3/15- 25yrs

Amanda White- 3/16- 7yrs

Susan Whitney- 3/24- 57 yrs
Pam Williams- 3/13- 42 yrs

Tony Zanichkowsky- 4/22-13 yrs

Nashua Assembly #9 I.O.R.G. and Pledge & Sparkles:
Meetings are held on the first and third Thursdays of each month at 7:00 pm. OES and Masonic members are encouraged to attend ALL events. Please feel free to contact Sister Aimee Busby, M.A. for more information regarding any Rainbow events at (603) 320-9486. For Pledges and Sparkles, please call Tatiana Fowler, Asst Mother Advisor at (603) 809-8357. If you know of a girl between 10-20 years old (for Rainbow), 6-11 years old (for Pledge), and 4-6 years old (for Sparkle) who would like to join, please contact either Sisters Aimee or Tatiana, or Sister Stacy Desrosiers, Supreme Deputy in NH, ( phone:  (603) 759-3221 or email: who would all be pleased to give you more information.

From the East:
Happy Spring Sisters and Brothers,
Our Official Visitation in February went so very well and I thank everyone for all they did to make the night a success. Congratulations to our new member, Brother Steven Leimonitis! At the early meeting we read a petition and we will be balloting at our April meeting and initiating at our June meeting, dates which work for our candidate. It would be so great to have the sidelines full once again as our Chapter grows.

Don’t forget about our chapter fundraiser, Magic Kingdom Mayhem Murder Mystery Dinner Theater on Saturday, April 13! It will be held on the 4th floor. Doors open at 5:00 p.m. Tickets are $30 pp or $50 per couple and can be purchased from Sister Jenny Taylor-Arnold. It is sure to be a fun night! The Pilgrim Chapter Players are excited to entertain you once again.
I hope to see you all at our next meeting. If you need a ride, please reach out and we will get you there.
In Star Love,

Lisa Hollis, PM Rick Thompson, PP
260 R Cross Rd 28 Oak Grove Trl
Lunenburg, MA Nashua, NH

Pilgrim Chapter Website:
NH Grand Chapter Website:
If there are any changes to your address, please notify our Secretary so that she may correct her records. So that none may be forgotten, please notify the Worthy Matron or the Secretary of any glad or sad tidings.