Dear Sisters and Brothers:

You are cordially invited to attend the following stated meeting for the purpose of transacting any business that may legally come before the Chapter. Officers may wear colored gowns/tuxes or suits for the stated meeting, unless initiation.

Friday, April 28, 2023 at 7:30 pm: Regular Stated Meeting – Honoring Starpoints

Friday, May 26, 2023 at 7:30pm: Regular Stated Meeting- Honoring Past Matrons and Past Patrons, and Longevity members
Friday, June 9, 2023 at 7:30pm: December makeup Regular meeting – Christmas in June
Friday, June 23, 2023 at 7:30pm: Regular Stated Meeting- Hawaiian/tropical attire and potluck

Collation –Cheerful Companionship and Social Enjoyment (under the direction of Sister Lisa K Hollis, P.M., A.M., assisted by Sister Judy A. Porter and Brother Robert M. Porter Jr. P.P.) will be held after the meeting. Officers be sure to donate to Sister Lisa for purchase of refreshments.

Thank you to so many who have been stepping up to work the many suppers these past few months. Please contact Sister Tatiana at  or at 603-809-8357 to learn more about helping this aspect of the Supper committee.

Congratulations: To Sister Ally Britko Nisotakis (and husband Nick) on the birth of Landon. Congrats to Grandmother Sister Lisa Britko PM. To Sister Deborah Wall on the birth of her Granddaughter Hazel. Proud mom is Phyllis Wall, one of our Nashua Majority members.

Thinking of You: Well wishes go out to a few of our members who have had recent health challenges, especially our Worthy Matron, Casey and our Conductress, Janet.

News from the State:

The Grand Chapter of NH is coming up on August 17-19th at the Grappone Center in Concord. The WGM is looking for members interested in being a Grand Page or an Assistant Grand Sentinel. Please contact Sister Joan Smith at 603-261-5275 or for more details on Grand Chapter itself, or being a Page or Asst. Sentinel .

There will be a Reception for GGCCMs of NH on August 17th. The WGM is looking for photos of NH OES members standing in front of the many Historical Markers in NH for a special “Roots in Granite” presentation- do you have a photo of yourself in front of one of these 279 markers. Send it to Joan Smith, Secretary

Important Dates:
Apr 9- Easter
Apr 11 Ancient York Meeting
Apr 14-16- Lilac OES Ball – Concord
Apr 15- Ionic Ragged Mt #20 Visitation- Franklin
Apr 18- WAUF #10 Visitation- Wolfeboro
Apr 19- Rising Sun Meeting
Apr 20- Rainbow meeting
Apr 22- Mini Golf event- Hooksett
April 27-29- CT Grand Chapter
May 4- Rainbow meeting
May 6- Mt Eustis #1 Visitation- Lancaster
May 6- Grand Conductress/Sentinel Formation
May 8- Mizpah Eunice #30 Visitation- Charlestown
May 9- Ancient York Meeting
May 10- Ellacoya #43 Visitation
May 12- Grand York Rite
May 12-14- GetAway weekend- Twin Mt. NH
May 15-17 – Maine Grand Chapter
May 17- Rising Sun meeting
May 18- Rainbow meeting
May 18-20- Mass Grand Chapter
May 20 – Grand Lodge
May 21- Grand Representatives Reception-2pm Penacook
June 1- Rainbow meeting
June 3- PAGOs mtg with Announcement of 2023-24 Grand Officers
June 4- Homecoming of GWA- Nashua
June 8- CVMM #42 Visitation
June 8-9- Vermont Grand Chapter
June 13- Ancient York meeting
June 15- Rainbow meeting
June 17- Priscilla #51 Visitation
June 21- Rising Sun meeting
June 24- PGM/PGP Mtg- 12:30 – Red Blazer-Concord
June 30-July 2- NH Grand Assembly

Star Anniversary:
Michael Arnold 6/26- 8 yrs Deb Bartol 6/23- 23 yrs Bob Bean- 6/24- 18 yrs Lisa Britko- 6/23- 28 yrs
Jeff Brown- 4/23- 19 yrs Joyce Brown- 6/17- 38 yrs Mary Jo Carden- 6/28- 75 yrs Roberta Champagne- 4/3- 52 yrs
Donald Clement- 4/18- 71 yrs Doris Cobb- 5/25- 67 yrs Jackie Cole- 4/23- 55 yrs Evelyn Dailey- 5/14- 65 yrs
Stacy Desrosiers- 6/24- 29yrs Walt Freeman- 6/7- 13 yrs Gail Heimbach- 6/28- 55 yrs Angie Isaia- 6/4- 14 yrs
John Jackson – 6/24- 29 yrs Sherry Jackson- 6/24- 29 yrs Delores Lamson- 4/4- 29 yrs Tammy Lane- 6/24-1yr
Wayne Libby- 4/25- 20 yrs Sandi Libby- 4/25- 20yrs Mark Murray- 4/4- 10 yrs Ally Nisotakis- 5/23- 15 yrs
Fred Pauling- 4/26- 38yrs Judy Porter- 4/25- 20 yrs Linda Riggs- 4/15- 46 yrs Andi Sousa- 6/26- 8yrs
Pam Taylor- 6/20- 48 yrs Jenny Taylor Arnold- 4/29-27yrs Lorraine Thompson- 6/20-37 yrs Rick Thompson- 6/14- 40 yrs
Judy Trest- 6/28- 55 yrs Gerald Valcourt- 6/20- 37 yrs Shirley Van Vliet- 5/28- 52 yrs Sam Varjabedian- 6/23- 6 yrs
Joann Vickery Lister- 5/21- 55 yrs Tony Zanichkowsky- 4/22- 12 yrs

Nashua Assembly #9 I.O.R.G. and Pledge & Sparkles:
Meetings are held on the first and third Thursdays of each month at 7:00 pm. OES and Masonic members are encouraged to attend ALL events. Please feel free to contact Sister Aimee Busby, M.A. for more information regarding any Rainbow events at (603) 320-9486.

For Pledges and Sparkles, please call Tatiana Fowler, Asst Mother Advisor at (603) 809-8357, if you know of a girl between 6-11 years old (for Pledge) and 4-6 years old (for Sparkle) who would like to join.

From the East:
We had a very nice Official Visit in January. In February we had a slipper night (fundraiser) and March was wearing of the green. Thank you all for being team players and thank you to all who substituted when needed.

Lisa Hollis was appointed Grand Representative to the State of Georgia – Congratulations Lisa!
We need more members to sign up for visitation (and calls) to our shut-ins. There is still time to join in the fun of visiting our special members. They have many stories to tell you and much wisdom. I truly enjoyed my visits with them. Please let me know if you would like to take on this exciting task.
At our March stated meeting, we read a petition for membership. It would be nice to see many of you come out and welcome the new member when they are initiated.
We have a badge fundraiser. Please contact Casey Rainey if you wish to order a badge. There are three choices:

State of NH shape – $15
Gold with no frame – $15
White with silver frame – $20

We hope you join us at our next meetings!
Star Love with hugs, May the April showers be light, and the May flowers be bright:

Star Love with hugs,