Color Purple

Frog (Fully Rely On God)


Sunflower representing Faith, Hope, Happiness and Unity


We can do anything as long as we do it together



Nashua Salvation Army and Nashua Humane Society

Bible Verse

I can do all things through Him who gives me strength (Philippians 4:13)


Installing Suite:

Sister Shelley M Gullett, PGM.  Installing Past Grand Matron

Brother Larry D Gullett, PGP.  Installing Past Grand Patron

Sister Lisa J Proulx, PM.  Installing Past Grand Marshal

Sister Nancy E Brooks, PM.  Installing Past Grand Chaplain

Sister Jacqueline J Cole, QS.  Installing Past Grand Organist

Visiting:   Examining

Casey L Rainey, PM, WM 


Lisa F Britko, PM

Stephen K Bahsler, PP, WP   Aimee K Busby, PM,
Lisa K Hollis, PM, AM,   Larry D Gullet, PGP
Richard J Thompson, PP, AP,    
Janet Thompson, PM, C   Relief
Amanda White, AC  

Casey L Rainey, PM, WM , 

All Members  

Stephen K Bahsler, PP, WP


Lisa K Hollis, PM, AM

    Richard J Thompson, PP, AP
    Lisa F Britko, PM,
    Jacqueline J Cole, QS
    Shelley M Gullett, PGM
 Finance   Trustee

Judy A Porter, QS, Chair,  

  Pamela G. Williams PM
Robert M Porter, Jr, PP,    

Nancy Brooks, PM


Brian J Smith, PGP, , 

Gr. Chapter Rep   Joan L Smith, PGM

Janet L Thompson, PM, Conductress,



Stacy M Desrosiers, PM

Amanda White, Associate Conductress-alternate    
Ways and Means   Collation

Nancy E Brooks, PM,

Phyllis A Lackie, PM,

Pamella E Taylor, PM,

Pamela G Williams, PM


Lisa K Hollis, PM, AM, (chair), 

Robert M Porter, Jr. PP, and

All Chapter Members

Phyllis A Lackie, PM,    Judy A Porter, QS,
Pamella E Taylor, PM,     Robert M. Porter PP
Pamela G Williams, PM   all Chapter Members
100th Anniversary    

Lisa JM Proulx, PM, 

  Pamela G Williams, PM, 
Casey L Rainey, PM, WM,    Robert S Bean, PP, 
Doreen M Going,    Joan L Smith, PGM, 
Tatiana E Fowler, PM,    Aimee K Busby, PM, 
Lisa K Hollis, PM, AM,   Judy L Trest, PM, 
Nancy E Brooks, PM,    Samuel A Varjabedian, PP, 
Lois A Taylor, PM,    Lisa F Britko, PM, 
Stacy M Desrosiers, PM,    All PGM/PGP of Chapter as contributors
Meeting Dates and Themes   ByLaws

October 17, 2022-Rehearsal 6 pm

October 28, 2022-Stated Meeting 7:30 pm

November 25, 2022-Honoring Veteran’s 7:30 pm

December 23, 2022-Seasonal Celebration 7:30 pm

January 16, 2023-Rehearsal for Official Visitation 6 pm

January 22, 2023-Rehearsal for Official Visitation 2 pm

January 27, 2023-Stated Meeting/Official Visitation 7:30 pm

Details to follow on evening’s activities

February 24, 2023-Slipper Night 7:30 pm

March 25, 2023-Stated Meeting-wear green 7:30 pm

April 28, 2023-Honoring Star Points 7:30 pm

May 26, 2023-Honoring Past Matrons/Past Patrons/Longevity Members 7:30 pm

June 23, 2022-Stated Meeting-Hawaiian Attire with Pot-Luck Supper prior 7:30 pm

September 22, 2023-Annual Meeting/Election of Officers 7:30 pm


Shelley M Gullett, PGM,

Lisa K Hollis, PM,

Brian J Smith, PGP,

Amanda J White