Dear Sisters and Brothers:

You are cordially invited to attend the following stated meeting for the purpose of transacting any business that may legally come before the Chapter. Officers may wear colored gowns/tuxes or suits for the stated meeting, unless initiation.

Friday, November 25, 2022 at 7:30 pm: Regular Stated Meeting- Honoring our Veterans

Friday, December 23, 2022 at 7:30pm: Regular Stated Meeting- Wear your Christmas Spirit Best! Holiday activities expected!

Cheerful Companionship and Social Enjoyment (under the direction of Sister Lisa K Hollis, P.M., A.M., assisted by Sister Judy A. Porter and Brother Robert M. Porter Jr. P.P.) will be held after the meeting. Officers be sure to donate to Sister Lisa for purchase of refreshments.


Our next few suppers are Nov 9. and Nov. 15 and we are always looking for assistance. Please contact Sister Tatiana at  or Sister Lisa Britko at  if you can assist.

Suppers are our biggest source of income and without them because we do not have enough assistants or cooks  in the kitchen we will need to decline doing suppers!  WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Annual Dues:

The chapter voted in September that our dues for this year is $60.00. This includes the Per capita to pay to Grand Chapter ($10.00) and the Nashua Temple Building assessment of $10.00. REMINDER our 50 year members after 2011 still need to pay the per capita charge (those who are 50 years before 2011 and those who are age 90+ are remitted for this charge).  In this mailing you will see the Billing statement. Please let your secretary know if you are in financial difficulty and/or suffering a hardship concern  as your name will be referred to Relief committee for remittance.

Congratulations: To Sister Charleen B  Lord on becoming a Great Grandmother this month with the birth of Levi Crew Small.  Proud Grandparents (who we know from Nashua #9) are Sarah (and Mark), and proud mom is Kylie Mclaughin. And to Sister Casey who was able to participate as Esther at her Granddaughter’s initiation in California

Thinking of You: Well wishes continue to go to Sister Shelley Gullett PGM, GSE as she continues with her medical treatments.  To Brother Walter F Freeman, PP as he continues his cancer treatments.  To Mark A Marden PP we send well wishes as he recuperates from Pneumonia.

Important Dates:

Nov 6- OES annual Grand Rep mtg Nov 6- Scottish Rite-MSA event

Nov 8- Ancient York #89- stated

Nov 12- “Bark at the Stark” Brewery fundraiser- 2-5pm. Tickets $50 pp . Contact your Secretary for details

Nov 13- DeMolay Chevalier degree-6pm Souhegan Velley Chapter  

Nov 13- Rainbow /Pledge Breakfast – 8-10am

Nov 16 – Rising Sun #39- stated                                                        

Nov 17- Rainbow/Pledge mtg -7pm Nov 19- Grand Lodge                                                                           

Nov 19-27- FezTival of Trees- Concord

Nov 30- PM/PP mtg- 5pm social 6pm dinner and meeting- Lilac Blossom at Sky Meadow -385 E Dunstable Rd Nashua- ALL Past Matrons and Past Patrons are invited to attend. RSVP to

December 1- Nashua #9-  Official Visitation of GWA Sister Jackie Desrosiers- starts at 7pm

Dec 3- Nashua Masonic Family Christmas Party- 11am -2pm

Dec 3- Susan Ferguson PGM Memorial service – Hampton 2pm

Dec 13- Ancient York #89- stated Dec 15- Nashua #9- stated

Dec 18- Rainbow/Pledge Breakfast

Dec 21- Rising Sun #39- stated Jan 7- Nashua #9- Installation-2pm

Jan 8- Gr Hope – Sing-along for Scholarships- Nashua -1pm

Jan 14- Bektash Installation- at Bektash in Concord- congrats to Mike Tebbetts on a great term! Proud of you and Kat!

Jan 15- Rainbow/Pledge Breakfast- 8-10 am Jan 15- Granite Stars group meeting- 1pm Pittsfield

Jan 28- Pilgrim Chapter- Official Visitation

Star Anniversary:

Joyce Pelletier 11/19- 45 yrs       Irene Cowen 11/21-52 yrs                  Nancy Molnar 11/6- 23yrs

Doreen Going 11/23-9 yrs       Elizabeth McPhee 11/2- 71 yrs         John Callahan 12/17- 23 yrs

Chris Mulcahy 11/2- 46yrs       Kay Norcross 11/6- 62 yrs                   Charlotte A Callahan 12/17- 23 yrs

Wayne Standley 11/4-20yrs       Diann Steinberg 11/23- 9 yrs         Gail F Brown 12/18- 30 yrs

Patrisha Corleto 11/19- 25yrs                  Kevin A Bailey 12/2- 6yrs         Donna L Barnaby  12/28- 21 yrs

Jennifer H Bean 12/28-15 yrs                   Lisa M Creeden 12/2- 6 yrs                 Larry D Gullett 12/18 -24 yrs

Shelley M Gullett 12/18  -24 yrs              Lisa K Hollis 12/28 – 21 yrs                  Nykola A Isaia 12/27- 3 yrs

Andrew Lane 12/27-3 yrs                         Tara L Lane 12/27- 3 yrs                       Pauline B Lawrence 12/22- 72 yrs

Charleen B Lord 12/27 -26 yrs                 Maureen E Lund 12/27-3 yrs         Victoria M Aubin 12/28- 10 yrs

Carolyn L Phinney 12/18- 69 yrs              Elizabeth C Robinson 12/26- 19 yrs   Deborah A Wall 12/28- 21 yrs

Cathryn M Tebbetts 12/2- 6yrs               Michael J Tebbetts 12/2- 6 yrs

Nashua Assembly #9 I.O.R.G. and Pledge & Sparkles:

Meetings are held on the first and third Thursdays of each month at 7:00 pm. OES and Masonic members are encouraged to attend ALL events. Please feel free to contact Sister Aimee Busby, M.A. for more information regarding any Rainbow events at (603) 320-9486.

For Pledges and Sparkles, please call Tatiana Fowler, Pledge Mother at (603) 809-8357, if you know of a girl between 6-11 years old (for Pledge) and 4-6 years old (for Sparkle) who would like to join.

From the East:

Brother Stephen and I would like to thank Pilgrim Chapter for the honor to serve as your Worthy Patron and Worthy Matron. We are so excited and hope that you too are excited for the start of our year. We will need to work together in UNITY and communicate our needs to ALL the members to become a FUN and Flourishing Chapter. We have faith that it will be a Great year.

We had a very nice installation of officers It is wonderful to see the sidelines filled with family and friends. Thank you to all who stepped in to help to make this evening so special. Thank you to the Past Matrons and Past Patrons Association for the wonderful food that was provided.

Once the installation of officers was complete and I was officially a Worthy Matron of New Hampshire, I was then installed as Grand Esther. Thank you WGM and WGP for this honor.

We finally had the chance to celebrate Pilgrim Chapter’s 100 Anniversary. The celebration was held at Alpine Grove. The food, music and festivities were enjoyed by all. Our very own Jackie Cole created a beautiful 100th anniversary Bible marker for the chapter. Stephen and I were presented with tiny gavels with star point color ribbons. Thank you to all who made this happen.

Our first Stated meeting will be Friday, October 28. We hope you join us.

Our schedule is as follows:

  • October 28 is our first stated meeting – we will welcome all the new officers.
  • November 25 stated meeting – we will be honoring Veteran’s.
  • December 23 Stated meeting – we will be celebrating by wearing our Christmas best.
  • January 27 is our Official Visit so we will have Rehearsals on January 16 at 6pm and January 22 at 2pm.

We hope you enjoy the holidays with your families.

  • May you have a frightful but safe Halloween.
  • May your thanksgiving be filled with family and many reasons to be thankful.
  • May your Christmas be bright and cheerful and may you have a prosperous New Year.

Sunflower Love with hugs: