Dear Sisters and Brothers: You are cordially invited to attend the following stated meeting for the purpose of transacting any business that may legally come before the Chapter. Officers may wear colored gowns/tuxes or suits for the stated meeting.

Friday, January 28, 2022: Regular Stated Meeting – Official Visitation by WGM at 7:30pm: Early meeting 5:00pm; Hamloaf dinner at 6:15pm at cost of $8.00 (RSVP to Joan Smith, Secy by January 22). Reception of our Grand Officers and Representatives (Covid permitting) at 7:00pm. Visitation at 7:30pm.

Friday, February 25, 2022 at 7:30 pm: Regular Stated Meeting- Fuzzy Slipper Night- wear your favorite fuzzy slippers for a $5 to the WM charity

Friday, March 25, 2022 at 7:30 pm: Regular Stated Meeting- rescheduled Annual Men’s Night- wonder what the men have planned to entertain us!

Collation –Cheerful Companionship and Social Enjoyment (under the direction of Sister Casey L Rainey, P.M., A.M., assisted by Sister Judy A. Porter and Brother Robert M. Porter Jr. P.P.) will be held after the meeting. The January collation, as customary, will be done by the Past Matrons and Patrons Association

Rehearsals: Upcoming Rehearsals for the Visitation are as follows: 1/7, 1/14, 1/21 all from 6-8pm. All Officers are requested to be present.

Suppers: We have two upcoming luncheons/suppers: January 15, January 22, and January 29. All will need several people in kitchen and/or waitstaff. Contact Sister Shelley Gullett if you can assist (

Congratulations: Congrats are extended to Brother Mike Tebbetts, the new Potentate at Bektash Shrine, and to our members who were installed and assisted in the installation.

Thinking of You  Well wishes to Sister Evelyn Dailey as she continues to recuperate, and to Sister Roberta Champagne who continues with health struggles. Continued prayers for recovery for Brother Bob Porter PP, and for the Isaia family after their bout with Covid. Healing thoughts go out to our Sister Nancy Molnar whose home sustained damage during the windstorm this past month when a tree fell on the roof. Sympathy:

Sympathy is extended to Sister Lorraine E Thompson PGM on the loss of her husband our Brother David C Thompson Jr PGP, GTE; to Sister Laurie Bettencourt-Ford on the loss of her mother, our Sister Nancy L Bettencourt; to Brother Michael S Henry on the loss of his father, our Brother David H Henry.

In Memoriam:

David C Thompson Jr PGP Gr Treasurer Emeritus- born Feb 15, 1942 initiated June 20, 1986, affiliated at Pilgrim 11-25-2005, passed December 3, 2021

Nancy L Bettencourt- born October 28, 1936, initiated Feb 27, 1958, Affiliated October 24, 1980 . passed Sept 29, 2021.

David Harrison Henry -born September 10, 1927, initiated December 18, 1998, passed on December 2, 2021

“Wherever a beautiful soul has been
there is a trail of beautiful memories”

Update on 100th Activities! Save the date for October 16, 2022 for our Gala Celebration! It will be held at the Alpine Grove. More information will follow as the date comes closer. Now that the Pandemic is waning, we are starting to get back on schedule with the myriad of activities we had planned in 2019-2020 before things got shut down. Please watch for more special programs during and after meetings highlighting happening of out 100 years and watch for new dates on special program

100 for the 100th – Our 100th Anniversary celebration of the start of Pilgrim Chapter has just begun. As we prepare to have our final celebratory party of our Chartering we invite interested members to contribute to the One Hundred Dollar Club for the 100th Anniversary. If you contribute (or have contributed thus far) a straight monetary donation of $100 toward the Anniversary fund, your name will go on a plaque commemorating your donation. Those interested please send your check payable to Pilgrim Chapter #55, to Sister Joan Smith, PGM, Secy, 16 Cliff Rd. Nashua, NH 03062.

Important Dates:

January 15- DeMolay State Degree Day -Nashua

January 16- Rainbow/Pledge Breakfast- 8-10am

January 19- Rising Sun #39-stated

January 20- Nashua Assembly- Visitation of GWA

January 22- Ancient York Installation

January 23- Nashua Assembly Installation

January 29- Rising Sun Installation

February 3- Nashua Rainbow/Pledge- 7pm

February 6- Mad Hatters Group mtg- 2pm Bristol

February 8- Ancient York #89- stated

February 13- Granite Stars Group mtg- 1pm

Rochester February 16- Rising Sun #39-stated

February 17 – OV – JFP #7

February 17- Nashua Rainbow/Pledge -7pm

February 19- IORG Charity Ball- Nashua

February 20- Rainbow/Pledge breakfast- 8-10am

February 25-27- CAN AM Exchange- Burlington VT

March 3- Nashua Rainbow/Pledge -7pm

March 8- Ancient York #89- stated

March 14- OV- Mizpah Eunice #30- Charlestown

March 16- OV- Trinity #22- Hampton

March 16- Rising Sun #39- stated

March 17- Nashua Rainbow/Pledge – 7pm

March 21- OV Sawhegenit #52

March 26- Murder Mystery Dinner- Concord


Star Anniversary:

Toni Freeman 1/9- 12 yrs

Steve Bahsler 1/28- 11yrs

Meryon Miner ½- 54 yrs

Ron Carbary- 1/28- 22 yrs

Margaret Lowrance- 1/26- 4yrs

Roz Arroyo- 1/28- 39 yrs

Anne Senter- 1/8- 60 yrs

Valerie Cantu- 1/28- 22yrs

Jen Pizzi- 1/25- 3 yrs

David Hunt- 1/23- 13 yrs

Sandy Linton- 1/28- 63 yrs

Mary Yannetti-1/23- 13 yrs

Al Lamson- 2/6- 27 yrs

Aimee Busby- 2/20- 7yrs

Chris Busby- 2/20- 7yrs

Shirley Nason- 2/27- 24 yrs

Phyllis Lackie- 2/22- 37 yrs

Leslee Steele- 2/27- 24yrs

Nancy Brooks- 2/10 – 50 yrs

Judy Fenner-2/8- 37yrs

Ashley Conway- 2/27- 18 yrs

Pete Petersen- 2/27-18yrs

Lisa Strand- 2/27- 18 yrs

Allie Desjardins- 2/27-18yrs

Jay Taylor- 3/27- 13yrs

Julia Pitarys- 3/25- 45 yrs

Amanda White- 3/16- 5yrs

Janis Phelps- 3/20- 43 yrs

Madeline Going- 3/27-1yrs

Jackie Desrosiers- 3/27-1yrs

Mike Trest-3/27- 1 yrs

Maddie Weidner- 3/16- 23yrs

Mark Marden- 3/24- 61 yrs

Bonnie Carbary- 3/25- 28 yrs

Jess Alexander- 3/24- 16 yrs

Karen Bianchi- 3/26- 29 yrs

Mae Cable- 3/20-63yrs

Lil Calloway- 3/1- 46 yrs

Jane DeCelle- 3/25- 58 yrs

Louise Flint- 3/26- 23yrs

Patti Fuller- 3/23- 43yrs

Lisa Proulx- 3/27- 30 yrs

Kia Davis- 3/26-12 yrs

Heidi Roy- 3/27- 13yrs

Elaine Strand- 3/23- 21yrs

Lois Taylor- 3/22- 20 yrs

Suzie Whitney- 3/24- 55 yrs

Pam Williams- 3/13- 40 yrs

Bob Bianchi- 3/26- 29 yrs

Tammy Dozois- 3/23- 4yrs

Mike Henry- 3/23- 15yrs

Rich Johnston- 3/28- 19yrs

Bob Porter- 3/28- 19 yrs

Brian Smith – 3/26- 29 yrs

Nashua Assembly #9 I.O.R.G. and Pledge & Sparkles: Meetings are held on the first and third Thursdays of each month at 7:00 pm. OES and Masonic members are encouraged to attend ALL events. Masks are required as we meet under COVID guidelines. Please feel free to contact Sister Aimee Busby, M.A. for more information regarding any Rainbow events at (603) 320-9486. For Pledges and Sparkles, please call Tatiana Fowler, Pledge Mother at (603) 809-8357, if you know of a girl between 6-11 years old (for Pledge) and 4-6 years old (for Sparkle) who would like to join.

From the East: Sisters and Brothers: We are off to a wonderful start in Pilgrim Chapter for the 2021-22 term, getting back into the groove of having meetings, doing suppers for the Masons, working with our Youth in Rainbow and DeMolay, and restarting visits to shut ins after Covid shut us down for a year. We look forward now to being able to welcome our Worthy Grand Matron and Patron to our Chapter in January to the first Visitation of the year. Because Covid numbers are high right now in Nashua, and the City has ordered an indoors city-wide mask mandate at businesses for all of January, we will be asking all members and visitors to wear masks at our meeting as we hope to curb the spread in our communities. We look forward to a fun meeting in February as we wear fuzzy slippers for our Charity- the Nashua Children’s Home. March will be lots of fun as we have the long awaited men’s night, then our Murder Mystery Dinner Theater- one of our special 100th celebration events. More 100th celebration events will be coming out on our Facebook page.

In Star Love, Tatiana E Fowler, WM  and John W Jackson, PGP, WP