Dear Sisters and Brothers:

You are cordially invited to attend the stated meeting on Friday, September 23, 2011 at 7:30 pm, for the purpose of initiating, receiving petitions, balloting, and transacting any business that may legally come before the Chapter. Sister Officers may wear colored gowns. This is our Annual Meeting and Election of Officers.

Collation: Under the direction of Sister Lisa F. Britko, P.M., A.M., assisted by Sister Judy A. Porter and Brother Robert M. Porter, Jr., P.P..

Dues and Assessment: Per our bylaws, at our annual meeting, we will be voting upon the recommendation for our fee for dues for 2012. At our June meeting the Finance Committee recommended that the Chapter dues be increased by $3.00 (from $27.00 to $30.00) in order to offset any shortfall that might be coming from decreased revenue. The Finance Committee also recommends raising the fee for affiliation to $10.00 from its current fee of $2.00. Finally, the Finance Committee recommends increasing the fee for petitioning from $30.00 to $35.00. Please come to the Annual meeting to have your voice heard regarding these recommendations, and to vote for the good of our Order. The Assessment for the Temple Repairs Fund, which is designated by the Masonic Building Association, remains at $10.00 per person. Some members still have not paid their dues for 2011. Please check to see if you have your dues card in your wallet, and if not, send the fee into the Secretary as soon as possible.

Pilgrim Chapter Installation of Officers for the 20112012 term will be held Saturday October 22, 2011 at 10:30 am. There will be a buffet breakfast, at a cost of $5.00, prior to the installation at 9am. Please make reservations with Sister Joan L. Smith, P.M., Secy., by October 15. There will be a rehearsal on October 16 at noon for Officers retiring and Officers to be installed. A Rehearsal for opening, Balloting, and Closing will be held directly after Installation of Officer on October 22.

Congratulations to our Sister recently installed at our Grand Chapter sessions: Sister Joyce E. Brown, P.M., Grand Ruth. Also congratulations to Sister Shelley M. Gullett, P.G.M., Brother John W. Jackson, P.G.P., Brother David C. Thompson, Jr., P.G.P., Grand Treasurer Emeritus, and Sister Stacy M. Desrosiers, Past Grand Adah on their very successful grand session. Thank you to all the Sisters and Brothers who attended Grand Chapter to support Sister Shelley and Brother John and all their Grand Officers, during the “Heart and Soul” Session. At last count, 47 Pilgrim Chapter members were in attendance this year at Grand Chapter Sessions. Sisters and Brothers participating were: Sisters Lois A. Taylor, W.M.; Lisa F. Britko, P.M., A.M.; Sherry M. Jackson, P.M.; Loretta J. Kandres; Pamella E. Taylor, P.M., all as Personal Grand Pages; Sisters Priscilla B. Hildebrand, P.M., W.M.; Janet L. Thompson, P.M., both as General Pages; Brothers Robert S. Bean, III, W.P.; Jeffrey L. Brown, P.G.P.; Henry L. Brown, P.P.; Ronald E. Carbary, P.P.; Frank H. Fenner, Jr., P.G.P.; Richard J. Thompson, P.P., all as Assistant Grand Sentinals; Sisters Joan L. Smith, P.M. and Ellie Risley, P.M. (director) sang with the choir; Sister Lisa J.M. Proulx, P.M. was the Personal Page to the Most Worthy Grand Matron, and Sister Lisa Hollis, P.M., who was prepared to be the Personal Page to the Most Worthy Associate Grand Patron, filled in for other needed duties for theweekend; Sister Tracey L. Thompson, Assoc. Conductress and Brother Brian J. Smith, P.G.P., were the sound technicians; Sister Phyllis Lackie, P.M. was the Chairman of the Grand Pages; Brothers Ronald E. Carbary, P.P., Tony A. Zanichkowsky, and Sister Joan L. Smith, P.M. were roving photographers; Sisters Jennifer A. Taylor, P.M. and Tracey L. Thompson headed Processions rehearsal; Sister B. Judith Fenner, P.G.M., was director of the Ribbon Ceremony and Parliamentarian; Sister Lorraine E Thompson, P.G.M., and Brother Walter G. Chapman, P.G.P., GGCCM’s headed the Service Dog presentation, while Brother Ron Carbary, P.P., tended to Scholarship recipients; Sisters Allyson J. Britko and Ashley E. Steele performed in the Bible Ceremony; Sister Pamela G. Williams and Lisa K. Hollis, P.M., manned the organization of the Distinguished Guest Luncheon; Flags were presented by Sisters Lisa J.M. Proulx, P.M., Nikia A. Quesnel, Brothers Brian J. Smith, P.G.P., Larry D. Gullett, P.P., Roland N. Petersen; various greetings were brought by Sisters Bonnie J. Carbary, P.G.M., Joan L. Smith, Supreme Deputy IORG, Lois A. Taylor, W.M., Brother Brian J. Smith, P.G.P., Brother Jeffrey L. Brown, P.G.P.; and a special thank you to Sister Bonnie L. Carbary, P.G.M., and Brother Ronald E. Carbary, P.P., and the members of Silver Hill-Vesta-Relham-Martha Chapter who helped in preparing for the ice cream social on Friday night.

Congratulations to our new Sisters Debra A. Bean and Wendy Bean who were initiated at our July meeting; to Sisters Nikia Quesnel, Ariel Robey, and Wendy Bean who were recently installed at Grand Assembly IORG in July, and to Sister Leslee E. Steele, MA, who was named Advisor of the Year; to Sister Charleen Lord on the birth of grandson Colin Zane; to Sister Jo Millett who celebrated her 91st birthday in August, and to Sister Maria and Brother Ray Palmer who celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on Sept 8.

Sickness and Distress: Get well wishes have been extended to Sister Katherine Jo Drown, P.M., who was in the hospital recently with Pneumonia; to Sister Jenny Taylor, P.M., who had recent foot surgery and is now doing well; Sister Joyce E. Brown, P.M., had neck surgery and is recuperating. Continue to keep in your thoughts Sisters Donna Betz, Joann Vickery Lister, Valerie Sonner, Ann Lindahl, Jeannette Healey, P.M., and Beverly Burleigh, P.M. Sympathy is extended to Sisters Judith S. Bausha and Karlyne S. Ainsworth on the loss of their mother, our Sister Patricia W. Hills, P.G.M.; to Brother Davis “Skip” Bryant on the loss of his brother.

In Memoriam:

Patricia W. Hills, Past Grand Matron, Grand Secretary


Born: September 11, 1920

Initiated : April 23, 1948

Died August 16, 2011

A 63-year member

“A lady walked amongst us, stayed awhile to help, and then continued on her way. Always a kind word and thoughtful help, and we are all the better because she was a part of our lives.”

Nashua Assembly #9 I.O.R.G. and Pledge & Sparkles: Meetings are held on the first and third Thursdays of each month at 7:00 pm . OES and Masonic members are encouraged to attend ALL events. The next meetings are September 15 and October 6. Directory:The new edition of the 2010 Nashua Masonic Family Directory is now available at at bargain price of $3.00. It is also available on CD at a cost of $2.00. Contact Sister Lisa J.M. Proulx, P.M., if you would like one at (603)673-2452

Important Dates:

Sept 13 Ancient York #89 Meeting
Sept. 15 Nashua Rainbow and Pledge/Sparkle meeting
Sept. 18 Pledge Breakfast- 8-10:30am
Sept. 18 Final Star Spotters meeting- Nashua 2pm
Sept. 21 Rising Sun #39 Meeting
Sept.23-25 NASCAR Races
Oct. 1 Star Pens /Keys  Franklin Oct. 6 Nashua Rainbow and Pledge/Sparkle meeting
Oct. 7-8 RI Grand Chapter- Cranston
Oct. 9 Nite Prowlers meeting Orford
Oct. 11 Ancient York #89 meeting
Oct. 12-14 Quebec Grand Chapter
Oct. 15 Masonic Open House Oct, 16 Pledge Breakfast
Oct. 16 Rehearsal for Installation/Outstallation 12 noon
Oct. 19 Rising Sun #39 Meeting
Oct. 22 Pilgrim #55 Installation of Officers- 10:30am

From the East: On the anniversary of September 11, “Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and success of liberty.” President John F. Kennedy
In Cheese Smiles and Scottish Kilts,

Lois A. Taylor, W.M.
7 Longwood Lane
Merrimack, NH 03054
Robert S. Bean, III, W.P.
22A Arlene Drive
Pelham, NH 03076

Joan L. Smith P.M. Secretary
16 Cliff Road, Nashua, NH 03062
603-888-0891 Internet – Pilgrim Chapter’s website:
NH Grand Chapter Website: If there is any change in your address, please notify our Secretary so that she May correct her records. So that none May be forgotten, please notify the Worthy Matron