Dear Sisters and Brothers:
You are cordially invited to attend the stated meeting on Friday, October 26, 2018 at 7:30 p.m. for the purpose of receiving petitions, balloting, and transacting any business that may legally come before the Chapter. Officers may wear colored gowns.

Collation: Under the direction of Sister Aimee K Busby., Associate Matron, assisted by members of the Chapter. We will have fun cribbage games after the meeting during collation.

Initiation: You are cordially invited to the special meeting on October 19, 2018 at 7:30pm for the purpose of Initiation. Ladies officers must wear white gowns. There is a rehearsal for initiation for those officers participating on Sunday October 14th at 6:30pm.

Sickness and Distress: Get well wishes continue to go out to Sister Cynthia B Covey, Sister Lil Calloway who have been ailing and could use many prayers. Thinking of you to Sister Jean C Sudsbury, PM. Continued healing after surgery to Brother Jeffrey L Brown PGP, Brother Ronald E Carbary PP, Sister Lisa J Proulx PM, and Sister Tracey L Thompson PM.

Congratulations: Congrats to Brother Kevin Bailey on birth of a Grandchild, and Sister Nancy Molnar on birth of twin Grandsons.

From your Secretary
At our September meeting the Dues amount for 2019 was approved by voted of the Chapter. There was an increase of $3.00 to cover the increase on the per Capita as voted at Grand Chapter this year. Please note that the increase at Grand Chapter now allows for New Hampshire members to attend Grand Chapter in NH without paying a Registration fee. Their NH dues card (thus showing they have paid their per capita through their Chapter) allows them to attend Grand Chapter. You still need to pick up a registration packet upon entering Grand Chapter and show dues card, but you do not need to pay a fee as long as you have a current NH Chapter 2019 card. Dues notices will go out to everyone in their November mailing by first class mail!

It is very important that you make sure your family members know that if you should pass away or become incapacitated that they should let me as Secretary, or the Worthy Matron know. It is also crucial to keep our mailing records up to date, so if you have a change of address please do not delay at sending me a change of address as soon as possible.

Happy Star Anniversary:
Kay Ainsworth 10/27/61
Edna Anagnost 10/26/51
Elizabeth Annis 10/23/59
Judith Bausha 10/23/59
Laurie Bettencourt-Ford 10/24/80
Davis Bryant 10/26/56
Irving Cable 10/28/60
Patricia Clement 10/27/61
Judith Foley 10/8/66
Chris Fowler 10/26/12
Tatiana Fowler 10/26/12
Deborah Hall 10/24/80
Hope Mercer 10/22/54
Mary Richardson 10/27/61
Joan Smith 10/13/76
Sally (Mansfield) Smith 10/18/56
Bertha Stevens 10/25/68
June Sweeney 10/24/80
Janet Thompson 10/9/79

The Supper crew is always in need of help! It is easy work from about 5 to 8pm. Please contact Sister Shelley Gullett PGM (603-533-9028) or Sister Lisa Britko PM (603-566-5681) if you can assist: Fri Oct 12 ; Mon Oct 15; Mon Oct 22

At our last meeting: We had our Annual meeting with Election of Officers, Reports of Secretary, Treasurer, Finance. We decided on Benevolences for the year. The Worthy Matron and Patron were presented with a gift from the Chapter for their year of service. The Altar was draped in loving memory of passed Sisters and a Brother. The following day we had Installation of Officers.

This year our Worthy Matron- Nancy and Worthy Patron -Stephen have a number of charitable giving events throughout the term which you will hear about from time to time in the Bulletins. Here is a list of what to expect through the year of our Star Chapter and they hope that you might be able to contribute in just a little way:

Evergreen Place-collecting 500 or less piece NEW puzzles to be given at Christmas.
Humane Society of Nashua- collecting used clean blankets for the dogs and cats in cages who need them to keep warm. Sister Nancy is also selling cat and dog bangle bracelets for $10.00.
Mason Jars for Maddie- a jar will be passed around for loose change to help with the year of our GWA Madeline Going from our Rainbow Assembly -Nashua #9 – which we sponsor
Bridges-shelter for battered and sexually abused women-collecting traveling toiletries.
100th Anniversary fund- having a Corned beef and cabbage dinner and craft fair on March 10
Bowl-A-thon at Leda lanes —January 5- fun event for Circus Stars Charity 

Nashua Assembly #9 I.O.R.G.: The Rainbow Girls are actively looking for new members, as well as Majority members and Eastern Star members which they can emulate. If you wish to help out, please feel free to stop in a meeting sometime. They are always looking for new members. If you know of a girl, age 11-20 years old, who could benefit from the lessons taught therein, please call Sister Lois Taylor, Mother Advisor, at 603-377-6877. Meetings are held on the first and third Thursdays of each month (excluding July and August) at 7:00 pm.

Rainbow Pledge Group: The pledge girls are actively looking for new members! Please call Sister Tatiana Fowler at 603-809-8357 if you know of a girl between 6 & 11 years old who would like to join. Our Sparkles- a group for girls age 4-6 years old- also meet at that time.

Important Dates:
10/6/18 OES School of Instruction – Hillsboro 9-3pm
10/7/18 Rainbow Grand Officers Day- Nashua 1-5pm
10/9/18 Ancient York Mtg- 7:30m pm
10/14/18 Officer rehearsal – 6:30pm
10/17/18 Rising Sun Mtg- 7:30m
10/18/18 Rainbow-Pledge Mtg- 7pm
10/19/18 Special Meeting for Conferring of Degrees- 7:30pm
10/20/18 Open House at the Masonic Temple- 9am-3pm
10/21/18 Pledge Breakfast 8am-10:30am
10/29-11/2/18 General Grand Chapter- Orlando Fl
11/3/18 NH Consistory events
11/4/18 OES Annual Grand Representative Mtg
11/10/18 OES Exchange in Fryeburg, Maine with MA, VT, NH, ME- 1:30pm
11/10/18 DeMolay Chevalier event at Keene
11/17/18 Grand Lodge event
11/18/18 Grand Cross of Color at Nashua- 12:30 luncheon -RSVP to Stacy Desrosiers; 2pm degree

Contact your secretary for more information on any of the above events.

From the East:
On behalf of Stephen and I, we would like to thank the chapter for electing us as your WM and WP. No words can express the joy we felt at our installation.  It was well attended an we wish for Jenn and Bob the very best for having a great year.

There are a lot things planned for this year and we would like to see more of you out at the meetings. I have plans for after meeting fun activities, so please read the whole Bulletin!   Happy Halloween.

As always, so that none shall be forgotten, please contact the Worthy Matron or Secretary as to any sad or glad tidings!