Dear Sisters and Brothers:

You are cordially invited to attend the stated meeting on Friday, October 27, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. for the purpose of receiving petitions, balloting transacting any business that may legally come before the Chapter plus Installation. Lady officers must wear white gowns. Please note the time change. Required stated meeting will occur at earlier timeframe, followed by an Open Installation. An Open Installation will occur at 7:15 p.m.

Collation: Under the direction of Sister Nancy E. Brooks, PM, Associate Matron, assisted by Sister Judy A. Porter and Brother Robert M. Porter Jr. PP.

Sickness and Distress: Get well wishes to all our Sisters and Brothers with continuing health troubles including Nancy Brooks and Cindy Covey who both had recent surgeries and stints at Rehab facility, to Jackie Cole who had recent foot surgery, and Jennifer Bean who is recuperating after a fall and fractured bone.

New Term Information and upcoming rehearsals:
The Worthy Matron -elect announced her charity for the next term which is Anne-Marie House
Anne-Marie House began in 2002, as a program of the Greater Nashua Interfaith Hospitality Network. The facility has 26 bedrooms, a large kitchen, dining room, parlor, library, laundry room, family/play room, offices, conference rooms, fenced in background and playground, has grown to engage a network of almost 300 trained volunteers, and a staff of 1 full-time and 6 part-time employees, and has been very successful in empowering families to get back on their feet and provide for themselves, providing a unique service to an often under-served population in the homeless community – families.

The Worthy Matron -elect has picked the following dates for rehearsals:
10/15: Rehearsal, following the Pledge Breakfast, starting at 11am
11/19: Rehearsal, 6pm-8pm

Congratulations: Congrats to Brother David Henry on his birthday milestone, to Sister Judy Trest PM who has been elected to Royal Matron at her Amaranth Chapter in Charlotte NC.

In Memoriam:
Jacqueline B Marden, PM
Born: August 29, 1932
Initiated: March 24, 1961
Passed September 15, 2017
A 56 year member

“Let us not be sad, for she lived her life to the fullest. Let us celebrate, for she was able to make a difference in many people’s lives.”

Sympathy: To Brother Christopher Fowler and Sister Tatiana Fowler on the sudden passing of their mother/in law, Sister Rosa Fowler, and to Brother Mark A Marden PP in the passing of his wife, our Sister Jacqueline B Marden PM.

The family of Richard I. Poole, Sr., PGP, invite all to a Memorial Service to be done by OES and Masons which will be held November 9th at 7pm in the Nashua Masonic Temple.

Happy Star Anniversary:
Karlyne S Ainsworth 10/27 -56 yrs
Edna M Anagnost 10/26 -66 yrs
Betty L Andrews 10/23 -47 yrs
Elizabeth C Annis 10/23 -58 yrs
Judith S Bausha 10/23 -58 yrs
Laurie Bettencourt-Ford 10/24 -37 yrs
Henry L Brown 10/19 -36 yrs
David K Bryant 10/26 -61 yrs
Irving C Cable 10/28 -57 yrs
Patricia L Clement 10/27 -56 yrs
Judith Foley 10/8 -51 yrs
Christopher H Fowler 10/26 -5 yrs
Tatiana E Fowler 10/26 – 5 yrs
Deborah A Hall 10/24 -37 yrs
Edith C Holmes 10/23 -72 yrs
Sally M Smith 10/18 -61 yrs
Hope E Mercer 10/22 -65 yrs
Mary T Richardson 10/27 -56 yrs
Joan L Smith 10/13 – 41 yrs
Bertha Stevens 10/25 -49 yrs
June H Sweeney 10/24 -37 yrs
Janet L Thompson 10/9 -38 yrs

Suppers: Supper season has begun! We have a few suppers which we still need assistance on: October 13 and October 25th. Please contact Sister Lisa F. Britko PM (auntielisab@gmail.com) or Shelley M. Gullett PGM (smg55oes@comcast.net ) if you can assist with these or any suppers, or sign up via Sign Up Genius!
What happened at the last meeting: At our September meeting we had our annual reports and voted on the amount for next year’s dues (which will stay the same), the benevolences to Grand Chapter, and elected next years officers. Our AM asked for an Open Installation, and announced term plans and officers. We draped the Altar for loved ones passed.

Nashua Assembly #9 I.O.R.G.:
The Rainbow Girls are actively looking for new members, as well as Majority members and Eastern Star members which they can emulate. If you wish to help out, please feel free to stop in a meeting sometime. They are always looking for new members. If you know of a girl age 11-20 years old who could benefit from the lessons taught therein, please call Sister Lois Taylor, Mother Advisor, at 603-377-6877. Meetings are held on the first and third Thursdays of each month (excluding July and August) at 7:00 pm.

Rainbow Pledge Group:
The pledge girls are actively looking for new members! Please call Sister Tatiana Fowler at 603-809-8357 if you know of a girl between 6 & 11 years old who would like to join. Our Sparkles- a group for girls age 4-6 years old- also meet at that time.

Important Dates:
October 10- Ancient York
October 12-13- Quebec Grand Chapter
October 13-14- Rhode Island Grand Chapter
October 15-Pledge Breakfast
October 18- Rising Sun
October 19- Nashua Rainbow and Pledge
October 21- Open House
October 22- Rainbow Grand Officer Day
October 28- OES Exchange with Vt and ME in NH
October 29- Star Pens and Keys
November 2- Nashua Rainbow and Pledge
November 3-5- International Weekend- Portland Maine

Contact your secretary for more information on any of the above events.

From the East: Thank you all once again for a wonderful year serving Pilgrim Chapter!  It was truly an honor and I hope to see everyone at our annual installation!  And remember…”Don’t cry because it is over, smile because it happened!”