From The East:

Congratulations to Sister Lisa J. M. Proulx, PM, and Brother Brian J. Smith, PP, P.G.P., on a successful term! We are all proud of the things you’ve accomplished this past year!

Many thanks to Pilgrim Chapter for electing Brother Brian and I to the East – we hope that this upcoming year is full of peace, happiness, service and – of course – FUN!

Next Meeting – Oct 25, 2013

Join us at our next stated meeting at 7:30pm – it will be the first meeting for the new officers! We will transact business of the Chapter, including balloting and getting plans ready for the Exchange we are hosting in November.

Each meeting will have a fun “admission fee” to collect for the NH Food Bank. Your admission fee to the October meeting is a box of Mac N’Cheese or a Jar of Peanut Butter.

Sister Tracey Thompson with Sister Lisa Proulx, after receiving a check for $1,500 for TEAM UHG for the Making Strides fo Breast Cancer Walk in October. Members wore pink gowns and shirt and ties in honor of Breast Cancer survivors.

(Photo courtesy of Sister Joan L. Smith)


Upcoming Events!

Contact the WM, WP, or Sec’y for more information!

Oct 12 Statewide Pledge Day, 12- 2pm, Penacook
Oct 13 Lunar Knights Group Mtng, 1pm, Nashua
Oct 13 New Officer Get-Together, 5pm, Nashua
Oct 16 Rising Sun Stated Mtng
Oct 17 Rainbow/Pledge Mtng
Oct 19 Masonic Open House, 9am-3pm, Nashua
Oct 19 Pilgrim Chapter Installa tion, 4pm, Nashua
Oct 20 Pledge Breakfast, 7:30- 10am, Nashua
Oct 20 Shining Stars Group Mtng, 1pm, Penacook
Oct 20 Officer Rehearsal, 6-8pm, Nashua
Oct 24 Rainbow/Pledge Halloween Party, 6-8
Oct 25 Pilgrim Stated Meeting
Nov 1-3 OES Int’l Weekend
Nov 7 Rainbow/Pledge Mtng
Nov 10 Chapter Rehearsal, 6pm
Nov 12 Ancient York Stated Mtng
Nov 15 OES: Moving Forward Seminar, Rochester, 7PM
Nov 16 Grand Lodge Semi-Annual
Nov 22 Pilgrim Stated Mtng

At Our Last Meeting

At our Annual Meeting, the Chapter voted to approve an increase of dues to $35. The total charge for 2014 will be $45 per member who is not remitted for financial reasons (additional $10 is for Building Assessment fund). Sister Lisa J.M. Proulx P.M. presented a very beautiful degree to Sister Tracey L. Thompson on being elected as Worthy Matron and then presented her with a check for $1,500 to give to TEAM UHG for the Making Strides for Breast Cancer Walk.

Fundraising Opportunities!

Help the Chapter continue to reach our goals by attending or assisting in these fundraising endeavors! These would make great Holiday gifts for the Sisters and Brothers in your life! If you would like to volunteer on our Ways + Means Committee, please contact your WM or Secretary. If you have any fundraiser ideas, please let the Chapter know.

•—Mason Jar Recipes: From 10/1 through 11/22, we’ll be selling Mason Jar Recipes of rubs, soups, dips, or desserts! See enclosed list for options and pricing. Please contact Sister Jennifer Taylor-Arnold at (603)486-7029 for more information!

•—Masonic Family T-Shirts: We will be selling “Nashua Masonic Family VOLUNTEERS” short-sleeve T-shirts for all Nashua bodies. Sizes S – XXXL, $15/Shirt. Pre-order by 11/10 through Sister Tracey L. Thompson, WM, at (603)261-5277 or

Celebrating 92 years of Fraternal Service
Ongoing Programs/Committees and Chairpersons:
Tabs for Shriners: Sister Joan L. Smith, P.M. at (603)888-0891
Labels for Education: Sister Judy Porter at (603)882-5854
Rainbow Girls: Sister Lisa F. Britko, P.M., Mother Advisor at (603)566-5681
Pledge/Sparkle Girls: Sister Sharon M. Jackson, P.M. at (603)459-8036 or Sister Stacy M. Desrosiers, P.M. at (603) 579-0519

Celebrations, Sickness, and Sympathy

Congratulations to all the newly elected and appointed officers of Pilgrim Chapter; to Brother Jay C. Taylor on his first home purchase; to Sister B. Judith and Brother Frank Fenner, PGM/MA and PGP/MA, who welcomed their first great grandson into the world this summer, and to Sister Judy Bausha whose son was recently wed.

Get well wishes go to Brother Henry Brown who was recently in the hospital and is going through physical therapy; to Sister Cheryl Queen who was recently hospitalized with pneumonia; and to Brother William Whitney who was recently hospitalized and is on the mend.

So that none may be forgotten, please notify the Worthy Matron or the Secretary or any glad or sad tidings!

Happy October Birthday/Anniversary

Charlotte A. Callahan 10/7
John W. Jackson 10/13
Frederick Duncan 10/14
Pamela G. Williams 10/18
Linda D. Riggs 10/19
Annie L. K. Rice 10/26
Gail W. Heimbach 10/27
Jeffrey & Gail Brown 10/2
John & Sherry Jackson 10/6
Sally Mansfield-Smith 10/11
Robert & Judy Porter 10/14
Elizabeth & Paul M. Haskell 10/30

Help us to complete our member database by contacting the Secretary to update your information – we would love to recognize everyone on their birthday or anniversary!

If there are any changes in your address/information, please notify our Secretary so that she may correct her records.

Sister Joan L. Smith with Sisters and Brothers from around the state taking tickets at NASCAR in September (Photo courtesy of Brother Craig Brown)

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Friday, Nov. 15, is the first Seminar in a 3-Part Series on “OES: Moving Forward” in Rochester, NH at 7PM. Please come with your ideas, enthusiasm, an open mind and a positive attitude!

Food for Thought

“Spending time being can be just as – if not more than – fulfilling as spending time doing.” Faydra D. Fields

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the changing foliage, the crisp air, the getting together of friends and family. I can sit on my porch with a hot cup of tea or a book and feel at peace. Even if it is just for a moment – that moment can change my outlook on the day.

Take some time to sit and relax in your favorite setting and be at peace. You may find that those moments are just the thing to change your point of view.

Chapter Happenings

Each month, we will hold a Day of Service as a Chapter to perform community service. Some Service Days could be: volunteering at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, collecting items for Nashua Homeless Shelter, NH Food Bank and Children’s Home, Cleaning up Benson’s Park, and Spring Cleaning at the Temple. Service Days will be communicated via email, phone, Facebook, and snail mail so that as many of you can participate as possible!

If you know of a volunteering opportunity we can participate in, please reach out to Sister Tracey and Brother Brian!

Welcome Back Joyce! Sisters Joyce Brady, Lisa Britko, Lisa Hollis, and Lisa J. M. Proulx working together in the kitchen for a supper (Photo courtesy of Sister Lisa J. M. Proulx)







Joan L. Smith P.M. Secretary
16 Cliff Road, Nashua, NH 03062

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If there is any change in your address, please notify our Secretary so that she May correct her records. So that none May be forgotten, please notify the Worthy Matron