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“Green is the fresh emblem of well-founded hopes. In blue the spirit can wander, but in green it can rest.” Mary Webb

Hello everyone
Its been a busy week in the Smith Household. This is in fact my very busy season so I will do my best to inform you of things when I can, but please accept I am but one person!

The bulletin will be ready in the next day or so to be mailed- however it will not get to many with a few key dates and information- thus am sending to you via email.

Had call yesterday to let me know Anne Senter is in hospital (SNHMC)- with a leg infection and perhaps a small cardiac issue. I hope to stop in today at lunchtime to find out more. You can send get well wishes to her at her home address:
3 Shawnee Drive Nashua NH o3062

Had call last week from Anne that Jo Drown was in hospital (at ?St. Josephs) with breathing issues and possible pneumonia- at that time they requested no visitors while she recuperated- carrds are welcome: Jo Drown at 29 Jennifer Dr. Nashua NH 03062

Received info last week that the husband of Betty Andrews (Fred Andrews from RisingSun Lodge) passed away in Virginia after a period of declining health. Sympathy cards can be sent to Betty Andreews at 9107 Triple Ridge Rd . Fairfax Sta, VA 22039

Visited with Sue Douglas the other day. Sue had been at Courville but had a ‘flu bug’ which landed her back at SNHMC. She was transferred back out of hospital to Greenbriar Health Care for more rehab and strengthening. Well wishesand card of encouragement can be sent to Sue Douglas at 210-4 Brook Village Rd. Nashua NH 03062. VERY IMPORTANT- Sue has a milestone birthday coming up for Sue- on May 13th! Please send her birthday cards !!!!

Pam Taylor had surgery this past month and is recuperating- speedy recovery cards can be sent to her at PO Box 6 Windham NH 03087

Dave and Lorraine Thompson are in process of moving to a condo. Dave has has a few set backs on health lately but is doing ok- I would bet a few well wishes cards would be appreciated by him. PO Box 302 Salem NH 03079

Congrats to Bob Porter who finished his year as head of one of the Grand York Rite Bodies and was given award as Companion of the year (bob please correct me if this is error in title) at recent convocation

Finally we do have a college graduate for this week- Ally Britko graduated from River University- congrats can be sent to Ally at 20 Coleridge Rd Nashua NH 03062

PM and PP – do not forget that the PM/PP Meeting is tomorrow May 12 at 6pm (social) 6:30pm dinner and meeting at Valentinos in Hudson. Please make sure Lisa Hollis has your rsvp so she can have enough seating.

I think that is all for now!


Next Meeting: May 22, 2015

The next stated meeting of Pilgrim Chapter will be May 22, 2015 at 7:30am. Sister Officers will wear colored gowns.

We will be honoring our Past Matrons and Past Patrons at this meeting

Please bring in items for the Nashua Humane Society, which is listed on the 2nd Page. Also, on the Nashua Humane Society’s website (www.hsfn.org)you can shop at AmazonSmile (there’s a link on the website) and make a donation through your shopping!

Congratulations! Pilgrim Chapter #55 presented the Quimby-Spooner Award to Sister Judy Porter for her dedicated volunteer work. (photo courtesy of Joan Smith, PM)

At Our Last Meeting

At our April meeting, we were delighted to award Sister Judy Porter with the Quimby-Spooner Award, we donated the evenings collection to Veterans Count, the WGM/WGP Charity, and Sister Tatiana Fowler, Pledge Mom, announced that the Pledges were donating the April Breakfast profit to Veterans Count.

We also had our Visitation and all of our officers did extremely well and made us proud. We donated Huggables and Sister Jackie Cole had several Quilts of Valor made and will be donating them at Grand Chapter.

Upcoming Events!
Contact the WM, WP, or Sec’y for more information!
5/13 Ellacoya OV, 6:30pm
5/14-16 Mass Grand Chapter
5/16 Grand Lodge
5/17 Pledge Breakfast, 7:30-10:30am
5/17 Grand Representatives Reception, Northwood
5/18-20 Maine Grand Chapter
5/20 Trinity OV
5/20 Rising Sun Stated Mtg
5/21 Nashua #9 Rainbow/Pledge, GWA OV, 6:30pm
5/25 Memorial Day Parade
5/29 Pilgrim #55 meeting
5/30-6-1 Quebec, NH, VT Exchange, Josselyn’s Cabins

Fundraising Opportunities!

Help the Chapter continue to reach our goals by attending or assisting in these fundraising endeavors! If you would like to volunteer on our Ways + Means Committee, please contact your WM or Secretary. If you have any fundraiser ideas, please let the Chapter know.

•—Masonic Family T-Shirts: The “Nashua Masonic Family VOLUNTEERS” T-shirts are still for Sale! If you would like to purchase one, please contact Tracey Thompson. They are $15 each and benefit the 100th Anniversary Fund.

•—Wine Tasting Party: Plans are in the works for a November 2015 Event!

•—Masonic Phone/Address Directory: If you would like to have your name/address listed, please contact Sister Lisa JM Proulx

•—Do YOU have a fundraising idea for our Chapter? If so, please reach out to Sister Lois Taylor, WM, or Brother Steve Bashler, WP, and share your thoughts!!

Celebrating Over 90 Years of Fraternal Service

Ongoing Programs/Committees and Chairpersons:

• Tabs for Shriners: Joan L. Smith, PM, at (603)888-0891

• Labels for Education: Judy Porter at (603)882-5854

• Rainbow Girls: Stacy M. Desrosiers, PM, Mother Advisor, at (603) 579-0519

• Pledge/Sparkle Girls: Tatiana Fowler, Pledge Mom, at (603) 809-9295

Celebrations, Sickness, and Sympathy

Congratulations to Sister Judy Kunz-Porter on receiving the coveted Quimby Spooner award; to Brother Robert Porter, PP, on completing his year as head of one of the York Rite bodies and receiving Companion of the Year Award; and to Sister Allyson Britko on graduating and receiving her Masters Degree.

Get well wishes go to Sister Susan I Douglas, PM, who was in the hospital briefly and is now at Greenbriar Health Terrace Rehab facility; Sister Katherine Jo Drown, PM, was recently hospitalized for pneumonia and is recuperating at Courville; Sister Anne Senter is in the hospital (SNHRMC) for an infection; and to Sister Pam Taylor who had recent surgery and is doing well.

Sympathy is extended to Sister Betty Andrews on the passing of her husband Frederick B Andrews.

So that none may be forgotten, please notify the Worthy Matron or the Secretary or any glad or sad tidings!

Official Visitation: Brother Steve Bahsler, WP, and Sister Lois Taylor, PM/WM, sign the WGM/WGP Bible at the end of the Visitation Night. (photo courtesy of Joan Smith, PM)

Help Out the Humane Society!

This years charity is the Nashua Humane Society/Animal Shelter. At every meeting, you can bring in donated goods from the list below to help them find forever homes for these furry friends!

Dog/Puppy Supplies:
•IAMS Mini Chunks dry dog food (Green bag)
•IAMS Smart Puppy Original dry dog food (Yellow bag)
•Dog collars and leashes (all sizes)
•Gently used towels and blankets (for bedding)

Cat/Kitten Supplies:
•IAMS canned cat food (Orange can; pâté w/gourmet chicken)
•IAMS canned kitten food (Purple can; pâté w/gourmet chicken)
•Fancy Feast dry cat food
•New cat beds
•Non-clumping cat litter (any brand)
•KMR – kitten milk replacer supplement
•Cardboard soda flats (for litter boxes)
•Gently used towels and blankets (for bedding)

Building, Medical & Office Supplies:
•Gift cards (Walmart, Target, home improvement stores, grocery stores)
•Trash bags (heavy duty 40 gallon contractor bags)
•Dust pans and hand brooms
•Long handled brooms
•Dish sponges
•Clorox bleach and Liquid laundry detergent
•Postage stamps
•Laminating sheets (8 ½ x 11 and 11 x 14)
•Paper towels (for cleaning) and Cotton balls

Happy May Birthday/Anniversary!

Help us to complete our member database by contacting the Secretary to update your information – we would love to recognize everyone on their birthday or anniversary!


Jeff Brown – 5/6
Lisa Strand – 5/6
Bob Bean – 5/7
Jane Decelle – 5/10
Tracey Thompson – 5/11
Susan Douglas – 5/13
Karlyne Ainsworth – 5/18
Gerry Classon – 5/22
Virginia Norton – 5/23
Bob Bianchi – 5/29
Melissa Beers – 5/30


Irene Cowen – 5/21 (50 Years)
Harold & Shirley VanVliet –
5/26 (49 Years)
Joyce Pelletier – 5/31 (40 Years)
Bob and Deb Bean – 5/23

Star Anniversaries
Jean C Sudsbury – 5/28/48
Virginia E Norton – 5/16/57
Evelyn E Dailey – 5/14/58
Cynthia B Covey – 5/23/58
Doris M Cobb – 5/25/66
Joann Vickery Lister – 5/21/68
Shirley E Jolly – 5/24/68
Harold H & Shirley J Van Vliet – 5/28/71
Frederick Duncan – 5/17/74
G Raymond Palmer – 5/23/75
Constance M Pratt – 5/23/75
Allyson J Britko – 5/23/08
Jennifer L Anderson – 5/22/09