May 2011

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

You are cordially invited to attend the stated meeting on Friday,
May 27, 2011 at 7:30 pm, for the purpose of initiating, receiving
petitions, balloting, and transacting any business that may legally
come before the Chapter. Sister Officers may wear colored gowns.

We will be “Honoring our Masons”
at this meeting with a special program. We invite all our Masonic
Brothers who are members of the Chapter to attend.

At our June meeting we will be celebrating
our 25, 50, 60, 65, and 70 year members as well as recognizing
our Past Matrons and Patrons. Please save the date of June 24,
2011 for those special presentations.

– Under the direction of Sister Lisa K. Britko, P.M., A.M., assisted
by Sister Judy A. Porter and Brother Robert Porter, P.P.

We welcome our newest member, Brother Anthony Zanichkowski, who
was initiated at our last meeting. Congratulations are also extended
to Sister Jacqueline B Marden and

Brother Mark A Marden on the birth of their first Great Granddaughter
Nora Elaine Gallager.

Sickness and Distress is extended to Sister Janet L. Thompson, P.M.,
who recently underwent abdominal surgery; to Brother Richard
I. Poole, P.G.P., who had a recent toe infection, but is on the

Sympathy is
extended to Sister Barbara L. Buker for the loss of her sister-in-law,
our Sister Dorothy M. Rochette; to Sister Annie L. K. Rice and
her family for the loss of her husband, our Brother Abbott E.
Rice; to Sister Lorraine E. Thompson, P.G.M., G.G.C.C.M., on
the loss of her sister-in-law; and to Sister Trudy A. Marshal,
P.M., on the loss of her mother, our Sister Elsie G. Marshall,
P.M. Sympathy is also extended to the members of the General
Grand Chapter family who recently reported the loss of Sister
Florence Adair, Past Most Worthy Grand Matron of General Grand
Chapter and Past Grand Matron of Michigan.

In Memoriam

Dorothy M. Rochette Born January 11, 1927 Initiated October 27,
1978 Called Home April 23, 2011 A 33-Year Member

Abbott E. Rice Born July 31, 1931 Initiated May 23, 1980 Called
Home April 28, 2011 A 31-Year Member

Elsie G. Marshall, P.M. Born October 11, 1919 Initiated October
28, 1938 Called Home May 7, 2011 A 73-Year Member

“They who have passed from this earthly abode shall never
be forgotten from our minds and hearts”

Official Visitation of Pilgrim Chapter
The Official Visitation of
the Worthy Grand Matron Sister Shelley M. Gullett, accompanied by the Worthy Grand Patron, Brother John W. Jackson, and assisted by the Grand
Marshal, Sister Virginia E. Mitchell, will take place on Saturday,
June 11, 2011. A luncheon will precede the Visitation at 12 noon,
where our Grand Representatives and our Grand Officers will be our Honored Guests. Honored guests include: Sister Sharon M. Jackson, P.M., Colorado; Brother Robert M. Porter, Jr., P.P., Indiana; Sister Joyce E. Brown, P.M., Maryland; Sister Judy A. Porter, Minnesota; Sister Jacqueline J. Cole, Q.S., New York; Brother William E. Whitney, Scotland; Sister
Stacy M. Desrosiers, Grand Adah; and Brother David C. Thompson,
Jr., P.G.P., Grand Treasurer; as well as G.G.C.C.M.’s Sister
Lorraine E. Thompson, P.G.M., Service Dogs, and Brother Frank
H. Fenner, Jr., P.G.P., Deputy to Bolivia. A receiving line will
occur at 1:30pm and Visitation will follow at 2pm. Cost of the
luncheon is $7.00. Reservations should be made by June 4 to Joan
L. Smith, P.M., Secy, at (603)888-0891 or JLSPMA@

Please remember to bring all your Huggables
and your Gloves, Scarves, Mittens collected for the Mitten Tree
project to the May meeting so that we may decorate the Chapter
Room prior to the Visitation with all our donations. If anyone
needs items picked up please contact the Worthy Matron or Secretary.

What’s Happening at Star! If you missed our last meeting…We had a wonderful Initiatory degree done for our new member Brother Tony Z; we
voted to give a donation to the Japan Relief project through
Grand Chapter; Sister Lois brought up the Memorial Day Parade
and it was decided we would gather as many OES members to march
in the event; Sister Pam talked about plans for our Yard Sale
in June for Service Dogs project, as well as a possible fundraiser
from a Novelties shop that is closing; Brother Bob took sign-ups
to help at the CHIPs program at Masonic Family Day in Portsmouth;
Sister Tracey announced she needs crafty people to donate crafts
to her to give to the Craft Table Project at Grand Chapter; Sister
Jenny announced she will be delivering our donation to the MDA
at the Lock-up in May; Sister Lisa B. talked about Scanner Training
Days at the Racetrack; Brother Larry and Sister Lisa asked that
we increase our yearly donation to the residents of Evergreen
Place (formerly Masonic Home); Sister Amanda C announced she
is a new US Citizen; and Sister Heidi announced she will be personal
page to the WGM at Massachusetts Grand Chapter next month!

Nashua Assembly #9 I.O.R.G. and Pledge
& Sparkles
: Meetings are held
on the first and

third Thursdays of each month at 7:00 pm . OES and Masonic members
are encouraged to attend ALL events. Please contact Lisa F. Britko,
P.M., M.A. at (603)566-5681 for more information about Rainbow.
Also, please contact Stacy M. Desrosiers, P.M., at (603)579-0519
about being an Eastern Star Grandma to one of the Pledges.

The new edition of the 2010 Nashua Masonic Family Directory is
now available at at

bargain price of $3.00. It is also available on CD at a cost
of $2.00. Contact Sister Lisa J.M. Proulx, P.M. if you would
like one at (603)320-6976

Polo Shirts:
Sister Lois A. Taylor is selling embroidered Polo Shirts. You
may order your polo shirt with the OES emblem, your chapter name
and number, and/or the Masonic emblem with your Lodge name and
number. The cost of these shirts is $20.00. Please contact Sister
Lois at 603-377-6877 if you are interested in purchasing one.

Scanner Training Dates: In order for us to participate in the NASCAR
Races fundraiser for OES and Rainbow we need to do ‘Scanner Training’.
There are two dates to choose from: May 14 at 3pm and May 31
at 6pm. The group gets paid for the 2 hour long training session.
The Training is done at

the Race Track in Loudon. You must pre-register that you will
be attending with Sister Lisa Britko at (603)566-5681.

Memorial Day Parade: Forming at Holman Stadium on Monday May 30 at 8:45am; the parade kicks off at 10 am and goes approximately
two miles from Amherst St. down Main St. to end at Globe Plaza.
Please contact Sister Lois Taylor, W.M., if you are able to participate!

Yard Sale for the Service Dogs Project: We will be having a Giant Yard Sale on June 26
from 9am to 2pm the grounds of Gate City Monument at 321 West
Hollis St in Nashua. Please start collecting all those items
you have in your homes that you wish to donate and bring them
to Sister Pam Williams on that morning. If you have items but
cannot attend call or email Sister Pam at (603)888-4652.

Fabulous Fraternal Family Picnic: This unity event will be held at Stratham Hill
Park, in Stratham on Saturday June 18, from 12noon to 5pm. OES
Grand Officers have tickets and the cost is $5.00.

Sister Jennifer Taylor, P.M., is in charge of the event and the
OES Youth Committee is providing entertaining games to have fun
all day long. Please contact Sister Jenny if you have any questions
at (603)486-7029 or

St. John’s Day Service at Cathedral of the Pines: A Unity event that all
are invited to attend. The Church Service starts at 11am and
there will be a picnic lunch (optional) to enjoy afterwards on
the grounds of the Rindge facility. Tickets must be prepaid ($5.00)
and are available for purchased

from Sister Shelley M. Gullett, W.G.M., Brother John W. Jackson,
W.G.P., and Sister Joan L. Smith, Supreme Deputy.

Are you Crafty?
If you are, Pilgrim Chapter and the Grand Chapter needs you!
We are looking for items to donate to the Craft table at Grand
Chapter Sessions…any craft would be gratefully accepted!
Please contact Sister Tracey Thompson at (603)261-5277 or

Important Dates:

May 14 Scanner Training Date, Loudon. 3-5pm
15 Service Dog Project Breakfast, Penacook. 8-10am
May 15 Grand Representative Reception. Tilton 2pm
May 18 Rising Sun Meeting- stated
May 19 Rainbow/Pledge Meeting
May 19-21 Mass. Grand Chapter
May 21 Grand Lodge, Manchester
May 22 Mandatory Visitation Rehearsal, 6pm
May 27 Pilgrim Meeting, Honor our Masons Meeting
May 30 Memorial Day Parade, 8:45am at Holman Stadium
May 31 Scanner Training Date, Loudon. 6-8pm
June 5 Joint meeting of Star Spotters and Bee Keepers in Derry. 2pm
June 5 Mandatory Visitation Rehearsal, 6pm
June 10 Mt Eustis #37 Official Visitation
June 11 Pilgrim #55 Official Visitation
June 18 Fabulous Fraternal Family Picnic-Stratham Hill Park-
June 19 St. John’s Day Service, Cathedral of the Pines, Rindge NH. 11am
June 24 Pilgrim ‘Honor the PM/PP, and 25, 50, 60, 65,70 year members’ Meeting

June 26 Yard Sale for Service Dogs. 9am-2pm, Gate City Monument Lot 321, West Hollis St., Nashua
July 1-3 Grand Assembly in NH. Nashua Marriott
July 9 CHIPs program at Masonic Family Day. Strawbery Banke. (formerly ‘Masons Day’)

From the East:
“The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day
he created Spring.” ~Bern Williams And in honor of Memorial
Day: “Those who have died for their country will never be forgotten. Their sacrifice will live on forever  in the hearts of all who cherish freedom.” ~Anonymous

In Cheese smiles and Scottish kilts,
Lois A. Taylor W.M. and Robert L. Bean III, W.P.

Lois A. Taylor, W.M.
7 Longwood Lane
Merrimack,NH 03054
Robert S. Bean, III, W.P.
22A Arlene Drive
Pelham,NH 03076

Joan L. Smith P.M. Secretary
16 Cliff Road, Nashua, NH 03062

Internet – Pilgrim Chapter’s
NH Grand Chapter

If there is any change
in your address, please notify our Secretary so that she May
correct her records. So that none May be forgotten, please notify
the Worthy Matron