Dear Sisters and Brothers:
Normally you would be invited to attend the stated meeting on Friday, March 27, 2020 at 7:30 p.m. for the purpose of receiving petitions and transacting any business that may legally come before the Chapter. With the State of Emergency declared due to the COVID -19 virus at this time we are asked to limit contact with our membership, especially our elderly, to less than 10 people in a group. The Grand Chapter of NH has invoked Article XI Suspension of Constitution at present so that physical Chapter meetings can be suspended. We will not be meeting in March and will keep you updated with our April meeting (all dependent on length of time the State of Emergency goes on). In the meantime we encourage our membership to keep in touch with each other via telephone, and on-line media sources. Some regular Chapter business will be allowed through on-line/telephone votes as needed.

Service Work:
We have opportunities of Service work:
Are you a crafter? Looking for donations for the Grand Chapter craft table. Please contact Sister Jen Pizzi at
Blessing messages- are you willing to write short “blessing messages on cards for the school kids to include in their Blessings backpacks? Contact Sister Nancy Brooks PM at
Lap Quilts- we are still looking for Lap Quilts for our Shriners Hospital patients at Springfield Unit. While you are stuck at home, consider making a Lap quilt and donating it to the cause. Contact our Secretary : Joan Smith –

Suppers: At present all Scottish Rite suppers and activities have been cancelled for the season. Thank you all for signing up and assisting with our suppers.

We are all watching the media coverage regarding the COVID 19 outbreak in the world. Please know that the fraternal bodies in Nashua are taking this pandemic seriously. At present all of our meetings and events hope to go on as scheduled unless notified otherwise. We request the following of all members:
If you are sick and running a fever- please stay home and refrain from attending meetings and events.. Practice ‘social distancing’ especially if you think you may have had exposure.
Avoid handshakes, fist pumps, hugs and that sort of close physical contact which is a way to spread virus loads. Avoid touching your hands to your face and nose at all times. If cough or sneeze do into bent elbow or tissues. Sharing your phone, or a pen to write with, or a sip of a drink might seem innoxious but could spread a virus easily.
Wash hands as often as needed. Use 20 second rule. Use hand sanitizer when sink not available.
See that common areas of Masonic Temple are cleaned properly, using disinfectants. Wipe down surfaces frequently touched of building pre and post event.
If you are concerned about attending events at this time that could expose you or someone you love to COVID 19 – please feel free to make the decision to not attend
If you have been traveling out of country or have been exposed recently to someone who had been traveling and may have contracted COVID 19 please refrain from attendance for the 14 day incubation period.

Thinking of You: Please keep Sisters Annie Rice, Jane DeCelle, Evelyn Dailey, Anne Senter PM, Lil Calloway, and Cynthia Covey in your thoughts and prayers as they go through their various health struggles.To our shut ins- we normally would be visiting with Easter Plants. This year depending on the COVID 19 outbreak we may not want to expose you in that way and may send a care package instead by mail for your protection. We love you but do not want to introduce you by being carriers to your home.

Sympathy: Our condolences to Br Robert S Bean III, PP at the loss of his dad, Sr. Debra A Bean at the loss of her father in law, and Srs. Jennifer H Bean PM and Wendy R Bean at the loss of their grandfather. Sympathies are extended to the families of our Sisters Bertha R Stevens and Eva E Simard PM who passed away recent, and all who mourn them.

In Memoriam:
Bertha R Stevens
Born 1927
Initiated October 25, 1968
Died Feb 17, 2020
Age 93- a 51 year member

Eva E Simard PM
Born April 30, 1922
Initiated March 9, 1950 (demit 12/53)
Affiliated May 26, 1972
Died Feb 29, 2020
Age 97- a 51 year member

Hope E Mercer
Born April 11, 1932
Initiated 10-22-1954
Died March 11, 2020
Age 87-a 66 year member

Eastern Star opportunities:
The March 28th OES Fun Table Exchange with VT in NH in Littleton NH had to be cancelled . Sister Sharon Bush, PGM will return your money to you if you paid registration
OES Educational Scholarships- The OES Educational Scholarship, Albert D Miner Scholarship, and Mabel Temple Newton Scholarship have been combined – one application is used for all 3 scholarships. There is no longer any requirement for nomination per chapter, so several applications can be submitted from one Chapter. See chapter Secretary or NH OES website for eligibility requirements and applications. Due to the committee by June 1.
The ESTARL Award Scholarship is given to candidates who are seeking to continue their education in the religious field, either as a minister, lay person, director of church music, director of youth leadership, director of religious education or any other study related to religion. ESTARL recipients do not need to have Eastern Star or other Masonic Fraternal relations. If anyone knows a minister or youth group leader who seeks to further their studies, please get an application for them. Due date for applications is June 1
A Ball for the Ages, 2020 Charity Ball – at present we will be postponed as they cannot have more than 10 people in a place and restaurants are closed. Sister Lisa Proulx PM ( is working on this fluid situation. We may reschedule later.
The SOLD OUT ‘Pirates of Tortuga Isle -Curse of the Dead Mans Chest’ Murder Mystery Dinner event on Saturday March 14th in Nashua was postponed and will get rescheduled soon…hopefully in June…. contact Jenny Taylor-Arnold PM for more information.
Legislation Review March 22.We are looking to do this as an on-line event with Zoom Call-in conference line. More info should come out very soon. If you have suggested changes to our Legislation for next year- get them to Sr Shelley Gullett PGP Gr Secy ASAP. Current electronic copy of the 2019 Const. Rules and Regs is now available! please contact Joan Smith WGM, Secy

At our last meeting: In February while the Secretary(WGM) was away, there was much discussion on Grand Chapter plans!

Star Anniversary:

Nashua Assembly #9 I.O.R.G.: The Rainbow Girls are actively looking for new members, as well as Majority members and Eastern Star members which they can emulate. If you wish to help out, please feel free to stop in a meeting sometime. They are always looking for new members. If you know of a girl, age 11-20 years old, who could benefit from the lessons taught therein, please call Sister Lois Taylor, Mother Advisor, at 603-377-6877. Meetings are held on the first and third Thursdays of each month (excluding July and August) at 7:00 pm. Meetings are only virtual at present due to COVID 19.
Rainbow Pledge Group: The pledge girls are actively looking for new members! Please call Sister Jessica Kellar at 978-228-0059 if you know of a girl between 6 & 10 years old who would like to join. Our Sparkles- a group for girls age 4-6 years old- also meet at that time.
Dues are due:
Dues notices were included in the December mailing by first class mail. If you are suffering from financial hardship and unable to pay dues -please contact your Sister Secretary so work out payment plan or solution. You can use PayPal to pay dues online . NOTE: There is a convenience charge associated with online payment to cover the PayPal surcharge.

As always please update your Secretary with changes to you address, phone number and email. Please advise family members to update the Secretary or Worthy Matron in times of illness or distress and consider returning Past Matron or Patrons jewels to the Chapter. We love and appreciate our Pilgrim Chapter history and like to hand down those jewels to our future Matrons and Patrons so that your legacy may continue.

Our 100th Anniversary!
Pilgrim Chapter was Instituted on December 17, 1920 and Constituted on October 28, 1921! We are planning a fantastic celebration of 100 years of service. Stay tuned for more info including upcoming dates and events. Contact Srs. Lisa Proulx or Joan Smith for more information.

From the East:
We, as a group, are family. While we use the terms Sister and Brother in our meeting, after a while it stops being a title and more of a statement. We gather in common to assist those in the community, our members who are in need, and hopefully the world in general when times becoming troubling. My Sisters and Brothers, we are now in a time of trouble and I have already seen our family rise to the call. With the current COVID-19 containment efforts, I have seen our members ask others “Is there anything I can pick up for you” and then go out and get something for those who may not be able to do so themselves. As our community strives to keep this virus from spreading, let us as family reach out to those who we might not always be in contact with to see if they are “O.K.” Let us volunteer to assist in shopping, conversation for those “Shut in”, and to explore our options to “Love One Another”. I write this missive today because my Matron is “Under the Weather (No not for CoVid19)” and needed someone to jump in. If you have any questions on who may need your help, reach out to us and we can keep you in the Family Loop. Brian J Smith, W.P.