Dear Sisters and Brothers:
You are cordially invited to attend the stated meeting on Friday, March 24, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. for the purpose of receivingpetitions, balloting, and transacting any business that may legally come before the Chapter. Lady officers may wear coloredgowns for the evening.

Collation: Under the direction of Sister Jennifer H. Bean, Associate Matron, assisted by Sister Judy A. Porter and Brother Robert
M. Porter Jr. PP.

Sickness and Distress: Get well wishes to Sister Joyce Brown as she continues to heal. To all of our Sisters and Brothers who
have been plagued with this terrible viral cold that has been going around, please all get well soon. ‘Sharing is caring’ but lets all
try not to share in this way!

Congratulations: grrepTo Sister Debra Bean who was named Grand Representative to Delaware at our recent meeting and
congratulations to Sister Lisa K Hollis who was named by Sister Barbara Gaskell, GC and Brother Richard Fortier, GS to be their Grand Marshal. Welcome Sister Kimberly Maier who affiliated to our chapter in March.

Sympathy: To Sister Shelley M Gullett PGM, Gr Secy on the passing of her mother.

Education Scholarship:
The chapter voted to nominate Miss Madeline Going for the OES Educational Scholarship. There are several other scholarships
available for offspring of Masons and Masonic Youth members in NH – please contact your secretary if interested in
information about these documents.

Happy Star Anniversary:
Jessica L Alexander- 3-24-06 11 yrs
Karen L Bianchi 3-26-93 24 yrs
Robert G Bianchi 3-26-93 24 yrs
Mae F Cable 3-20-59 58 yrs
Lillian M Calloway 3-1-76 41 yrs
Bonnie L Carbary 3-25-94 23 yrs
Jane LC Decelle 3-25-64 53 yrs
Grace J DiMatteo 3-25-49 68 yrs
Louise K Flint 3-26-99 18 yrs
Patti A Fuller 3-23-79 38 yrs
Norman E Hall 3-19-84 33 yrs
Michael S Henry 3-23-07 10yrs
Richard L Johnston 3-28-03 14 yrs
Janis Phelps Levasseur 3-20-79 38 yrs
Jacqueline B Marden 3-24-61 56 yrs
Mark A Marden 3-24-61 56 yrs
Randy S McMullen 3-22-85 32 yrs
Julia Pitarys 3-25-77 40 yrs
Robert M Porter Jr 3-28-03 14 yrs
Lisa JM Proulx 3-27-92 25 yrs
Nikia A Quesnel 3-23-10 7 yrs
Priscilla Ricard 3-23-01 16 yrs
Heidi R Roy 3-27-09 8 yrs
Eva E Simard 3-9-50* 48 yrs (*not continuous)
Brian J Smith 3-26-93 24 yrs
Elaine Strand 3-23-01 16 yrs
Jay C Taylor 3-27-09 8 yrs
Lois A Taylor 3-22-02 15yrs
Tracey L Smith Thompson 3-22-02 15 yrs
Susan J Whitney 3-24-67 50yrs
Pamela G Williams 3-13-81 36 yrs

What happened at the last meeting: At our February meeting we had our Official Visitation by the WGM/WGP and Grand Marshal. We voted to nominate a member from Nashua #9 Rainbow Girls for the Eastern Star scholarship, Deb Bean was announced as the new Grand Rep to Delaware, we voted to support the NH Grand Assembly ad program, and four of our
members were recognized with Rob Morris jewels or additional bars: Jenny Taylor-Arnold, Tatiana Fowler, Shelley Gullett, and Larry Gullett. Our Officers did a phenomenal job with their ritual and floorwork and we welcomed one new affiliated member to our Chapter.

Rainbow Ad Booklet: Now is the time to get your name in the Rainbow Program Ad booklet given out at Grand Assembly
sessions. If you wish to have your name listed for just $1.00 contact your Secretary NO LATER than May 1st
Nashua Masonic Temple Directory:
Pilgrim Chapter is sponsoring the 2017 Nashua Masonic Temple Directory. Anyone interested in purchasing an advertisement,
please contact Lisa JM Proulx, PM at lisajproulx@gmail.com . Individual copies of the directory will be available for a cost of
$3.00 each this Spring.

We are looking for many members to support our number one fundraiser: Suppers! Any support you can give from cooking to
cleaning would be very helpful! The next dates for suppers are as follows- 3/20; 3/22; 3/27; 3/29; 3/30; 4/3; 4/17; 5/30. We particularly need a chairperson to cook on 4/17. A full list of dinners can be found on the web at either of the following link: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0d49aba62ca6fb6-dinner1
If you have any questions on how to use these sign up forms, please contact the Worthy Matron who would be happy to assist you!

Nashua Assembly #9 I.O.R.G.:
The Rainbow Girls are actively looking for new members, as well as Majority members and Eastern Star members which they can emulate. If you wish to help out, please feel free to stop in a meeting sometime. They are always looking for new members. If you know of a girl age 11-20 years old who could benefit from the lessons taught therein, please call Sister Lois Taylor, Mother Advisor, at 603-377-6877. Meetings are held on the first and third Thursdays of each month (excluding July and August)
at 7:00 pm.

Rainbow Pledge Group:
The pledge girls are actively looking for new members! Please call Sister Tatiana Fowler at 603-809-8357 if you know of a girl
between 6 & 11 years old who would like to join. Our Sparkles- a group for girls age 4-6 years old- also meet at that time.

Important Dates:
3/11/17 Taste of Home Fundraiser for the NH Food Bank- Laconia Cong. Church – 11am – 2pm
3/12/17 Memory Makers/Traveling Stars meeting- 1:30pm –Tilton
3/14/17 Ancient York #89 stated
3/15/17 Rising Sun #39 stated
3/16/17 Nashua #9 Rainbow and Pledge- 7pm
3/16/17 James Farrington/Pleiades #7 OV-7:30pm
3/18/17 Rockingham #3 OV 2pm
3/19/17 Pledge Breakfast 7:30am-10am
3/19/17 DeMolay Legion of Honor- Concord –2pm
3/25/17 Charity Sock Hop – Concord- 6pm social, 7pm dinner followed by dancing- tickets $40 pp or $70 per couple. Contact the Worthy Patron for tickets
4/1/17 GR Progressive Dinner
4/5/17 Puritan #29 OV 7pm
4/6/17 Nashua #9 Rainbow and Pledge- 7pm
4/6/17 Crescent #45 OV
4/8/17 PHA #14 OV
4/19/17 Trinity #22 OV
4/24/17 IRM #20 OV
4/2/17 Mt Eustis #37 OV
4/29/17 Mini Golf Tourney at Chucksters
Contact your secretary for more information on any of the above events.

From the East: Brother John and I would like to thank everyone for all the work that was put in to make the OV in February a
success! We are very proud of Pilgrim Chapter! As I took a walk today, I have noticed a few of the trees are beginning to bud!

Spring is just around the corner and I hope that means many of our members will be able to attend our upcoming meetings and events. If you need assistance getting to a meeting, please let us know so that can be arranged. And to plan ahead, we hope to see many of you out at our April meeting as we honor or Grand Representatives and Longevity members!

As always, so that none shall be forgotten, please contact the Worthy Matron or Secretary as to any sad or glad tidings.

Photos of recent Visitation: L>R below- #1- Grand Officers: Brian Godfrey, WGP, Jenny Taylor-Arnold, Gr Marshal, Steve Bahsler, Gr Treas., Joan Smith, AGC, Shelley Gullett, Gr Secy, Gretta Smith, WGM. #2- Debra Bean being presented with Grand Rep to Delaware. Photo on Page 1- Lisa Hollis being named to be Grand Marshal for the year 2018-19