From The East

It has been a rough last few weeks for the members of our Chapter, and Brother Brian and I want everyone to know that we are here if you ever need a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, and a hug of friendship. Our lives are ever brighter for the golden links of friendship that we have had with our beloved Sisters and Brothers. We shall do them great honor by remembering and living the lessons of our Star – in our hearts, our minds, and our souls.

Next Meeting: June 27, 2014

At our next stated meeting, Friday, June 27, 2014, we will have a Summer ‘dress-down’ night! We will also have a special program for the evening to honor a special someone from Pilgrim Chapter.

The “fun admission” fee for the meeting is baby items and supplies for the Cynthia Day Program in Nashua, NH!

Past Matron, Past Patron, and Longevity Member Brunch
Save the Date! On Sunday, July 27, Pilgrim Chapter will host a Brunch for our Past Matrons, Past Patrons, and Longevity Members at the Nashua Masonic Temple at 10am.

If you are able to attend, please RSVP to Sister Tracey Thompson by July 19. If you need transportation to the Temple, please let Sister Tracey know and we will arrange for transportation for you.

Separate Invitations will be sent out with the June Bulletin!

At Our Last Meeting

At our May meeting, we celebrated our Past Matrons, Past Patrons and Longevity Members. How wonderful it was to see so many Past Matrons and Past Patrons in the west and to hear the number of years of service they all had! And it was a special honor to present Sister Jane L. C. Decelle and Susan I Douglas with their 50-Year Pins and certificates. We hope to present pins and certificates to our other Longevity Members soon. Also, Sister Doreen Going won the meeting prize for the night!

Upcoming Events!
Contact the WM, WP, or Sec’y for more information!
June 20- Reception in Auburn Massachusetts for Lisa Hollis ,Grand Esther- 8pm
June 22- Annual St Johns Service at Cathedral of the Pines in Rindge 11am
June 10 Ancient York Stated Mtng
June 14 Nashua Assembly #9 Installation, 11am
June 14 Family Game Afternoon, Nashua Temple, 3-6pm
June 15- Happy Fathers Day- come to the OES Breakfast with your Dad or to honor all dads 8-10:30 am
June 15 OES Breakfast
June 18 Rising Sun Stated Mtng Hiatus Feast, 6pm
June 19 Nashua Rainbow /Pledge
June 20 Reception for Lisa Hollis, Grand Esther in MA,
June 22 St. Johns Day Service at Cathedral of the Pines, Rindge, NH, 11am
June 22 Joint Shining Stars/Lunar Knight Mtng, Holderness 1:30pm
July 4-6 NH Grand Assembly Sessions, Nashua Marriott
July 10-12 Grand Chapter of New Brunswick
July 11-13 NASCAR Races
July 14-16 Grand Chapter of Nova Scotia /PEI
July 27 Brunch for PM/PP/ Longevity Members, 10am-12 noon
Aug 2 Shrine Parade, Lebanon NH
Aug 22-24 Grand Chapter of NH

Fundraising Opportunities!

Help the Chapter continue to reach our goals by attending or assisting in these fundraising endeavors! If you would like to volunteer on our Ways + Means Committee, please contact your WM or Secretary. If you have any fundraiser ideas, please let the Chapter know.

•—Masonic Family T-Shirts: The “Nashua Masonic Family VOLUNTEERS” T-shirts have arrived! If you would like to purchase one, please contact Sister Tracey Thompson at They are $15 each and benefit the 100th Anniversary Fund.

•—Gift Card Raffle: We have our 10 Gift Cards of $25 each from local business/stores to raffle off during the 2014 Christmas Season. We will be printing up raffle tickets to sell during the Summer/Fall season. If you would like to buy/sell tickets, please contact Sister Jenny Taylor-Arnold!

•—Flea Market: Gather up your used or unwanted items during your Spring Cleaning and donate them to Pilgrim Chapter to sell for a Flea Market/Yard Sale to happen over the summer. We will need a chair for this, so if you would like to help, please contact Sister Tracey Thompson.

•— Flower Power Bulbs: We will be selling Flower Power Bulbs for the fall season to raise some funds for the Chapter. We do need a chair for this, so if you would like to help, please contact Sister Tracey Thompson.

Celebrating 92 years of Fraternal Service

Ongoing Programs/Committees and Chairpersons:

• Tabs for Shriners: Sister Joan L. Smith, P.M. at (603)888-0891

• Labels for Education: Sister Judy Porter at (603)882-5854

• Rainbow Girls: Sister Lisa F. Britko, P.M., Mother Advisor at (603)566-5681

• Pledge/Sparkle Girls: Sister Sharon M. Jackson, P.M. at (603)459-8036 or Sister Stacy M. Desrosiers, P.M. at (603) 579-0519

Celebrations, Sickness, and Sympathy

Congratulations to Sister Tatiana Fowler on receiving her degree last month; to Sister Julie I Marciello on the wedding of her son and Sister Susan I Douglas, PM, on the wedding of her grandson; to Sister Lisa K. Hollis, PM, on her installation as Grand Esther in Massachusetts Grand Chapter OES; and to Brothers William R. Whitney and John T. Senter on receiving their 50-Year and 60-Year Certificates, respectively, at the Rising Sun and Ancient York Lodge Veterans Night.

Get well wishes were extended this past month to Sisters Phyllis A Lackie, PM, and Tracey L Thompson, WM, after recent surgeries; and to Sister Leslee Steele who is having surgery this month.

Sympathy is extended to Sister Janet and Brother Richard Thompson on the passing of Sister Janet’s mother; to Sister Diann Steinberg on the passing of her husband, Brother Herbert L Steinberg; to Sister Tatiana and Brother Chris Fowler on the passing of Christopher’s dad in April; to the family of Sister Frances Ward who passed away on May 28; and to the family of Brother Jack Caynon, who passed away on June 9.

So that none may be forgotten, please notify the Worthy Matron or the Secretary or any glad or sad tidings!

Happy June Birthday/Anniversary
Help us to complete our member database by contacting the Secretary to update your information – we would love to recognize everyone on their birthday or anniversary!

In Memoriam

Brother Herbert L Steinberg
Born October 31, 1937
Initiated into Pilgrim Chapter November 23, 2014
Called Home June 4, 2014

Brother Jack L Caynon
Born September 10, 1940
Initiated into Pilgrim Chapter June 24, 2005
Called Home June 9, 2014

Sister Frances Ward
Born April 26, 1921
Initiated into Pilgrim Chapter December 28, 1956
Called Home May 28. 2014

“When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.” ~Khalil Gibran

It’s Time to Play! Saturday, June 14, will be a Game Day at the Nashua Masonic Temple, from 3-6pm. There will be board games to play for ALL ages, and the winners from each board game will be teamed up for a final game of Family Feud! This event is free to all family and friends. If you would like more information, please contact Sister Tracey at!

June H. Sweeney – 6/1
Mary C. Albenzi – 6/3
Jennifer L. Anderson – 6/4
Irene M. Cowen – 6/9
Bonnie L. Carbary – 6/13
Stacy M. Desrosiers – 6/13
Mary T. Richardson – 6/15
C. Wayne Libby – 6/19
Katherine Jo Drown – 6/21
William R. Whitney – 6/28

Larry and Shelley Gullett – 6/5
Mark and Jacqueline Marden – 6/6
Deborah K. Bartol – 6/10
Priscilla A. Ricard – 6/15
Elliot and Constance Pratt – 6/16
Frank and B. Judy Fenner- 6/21
John J. McCartney- 6/21
Frederick and Carole Pauling – 6/21
Virginia M. Norton – 6/24
Stacy M. Desrosiers – 6/27
Jacqueline J. Cole – 6/28

Star Anniversaries

Mary Jo Cardin – 6/28 (66 years)
Luisa A. Pakosky – 6/16 (60 years)
Gail W. Heimbach – 6/28 (46 years)
Judith L. Trest – 6/28 (46 years)
Pamella E. Taylor – 6/20 (34 years)
Richard J. Thompson – 6/14 (31 years)
Joyce E. Brown -6/17 (29 years)
David C. Thompson, Jr. – 6/20 (28 years)
Lorraine E. Thompson – 6/20 (28 years)
Gerald L. Valcourt – 6/20 (28 years)
Sherri L. Brooks- 6/22 (24 years)
Stacy M. Desrosiers – 6/24 (20 years)
John W. Jackson – 6/24 (20 years)
Sharon M. Jackson – 6/24 (20 years)
Lisa F. Britko – 6/23 (19 years)
Loretta J. Kandres – 6/14 (18 years)
Deborah K. Bartol – 6/23 (14 years)
Lee Ogonowski-Prevo – 6/23 (14 years)
Robert S. Bean III – 6/24 (9 years)

Food for Thought

“Humility is my table, respect is my garment, empathy is my food and curiosity is my drink. As for love, it has a thousand names and is by my side at every window.”

On Friday, June 20, at 8pm, we have been invited to attend a Reception honoring Sister Lisa K. Hollis, Grand Esther in Massachusetts at the Joel H. Prouty Masonic Lodge, 780 Southbridge St, in Auburn MA. Please come and join us!

We also have an Art Contest going on for the cover of the Grand Chapter Proceedings. If you have a photo, painting, graphic design, or other art you would like to share, please send to Sister Tracey by August 20!

We also need lap quilts and huggables for Grand Chapter, and the Craft table at Grand Chapter is looking for craft items to sell at Grand Chapter. If you have items you wish to donate contact the Secretary for pick up.