From The East:

Happy New Year and Good Wishes for 2014! A new year begins new goals and accomplishments and also brings new friends and opportunities to renew old friendships.

What are YOUR goals for the new year? What do YOU want to accomplish? Renew your friendships with your Pilgrim Chapter Sisters and Brothers. We can help YOU achieve your goals and celebrate YOUR accomplishments!

If you haven’t been to a meeting in a while, well, know that we miss seeing you!

If you haven’t been to a meeting in a while because you can’t get there, call and we shall come and pick you up!

If you haven’t been to a meeting in a while because you are working on other things, let us know and maybe we can help, too!

You know where to find us: the Nashua Masonic Temple, the fourth Friday of the month at 7:30pm (sometimes even earlier!). And we’ll be there with a smile on our face, the hand of friendship extended and a big warm hug waiting Just For YOU!

Next Meeting – Jan 24, 2014

Join us at our next stated meeting at 7:30pm! We will be announcing our Rob Morris Jewel Recipients and wear something BLUE to the meeting!

The fun “admission fee” for this meeting is baby items such as diapers, wipes, baby food, toiletries or other household baby needs. No used baby clothes or linens, please. This donation will go to a service project that our own Sister Tatiana Fowler has been working with!

At Our Last Meeting

At our December meeting, we had a delicious Pot Luck before the meeting, and then we held a quick New Member Orientation downstairs before 7:30pm. We donned our red and green (and violet!) gowns and tuxes, and also some of the cutest fuzzy slippers for a comfy meeting night! Our collection for the evening of $120 went to Sister Judy Porter’s fund for elderly pet care, in honor of her pet cat, Nigel, who passed away in December. We also had many updates regarding our Shut-Ins and members who have recently been ill or in the hospital. Anyone who is able to visit any member on the Shut-In List should reach out to Sister Sandi Libby, PM, Sister Sherry Jackson, PM, or myself!

Upcoming Events!

Contact the WM, WP, or Sec’y for more information!

Jan 11 Sawhegenit Visitation, 2pm
Jan 12 Nashua #9 Installation, 1pm
Jan 15 Rising Sun Stated Mtng
Jan 16 Nashua Rainbow/Pledge Stated Mtng
Jan 16 James Farrington-Pleiades Visitation, 7:30pm
Jan 18 Bektash Installation, Courtyard Marriot, Nashua
Jan 19 Ancient York Installation
Jan 31-Feb 2 CAN-AM (Ontario)
Feb 6 Pilgrim Chapter Visit to Nashua Rainbow/Pledge Stated Mtng, 7pm
Feb 8 Rockingham Visitation, 2pm
Feb 9 Shining Stars Group Mtng
Feb 15 Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre, Nashua 6pm
Mar 15 Pilgrim Chapter Cook-Off, Nashua, 12-5pm

**NOTE**: The Game Night Scheduled for January 18 has been CANCELLED. We will reschedule at a later date.

Due by the February 28 Meeting!!

Fundraising Opportunities!

Help the Chapter continue to reach our goals by attending or assisting in these fundraising endeavors! If you would like to volunteer on our Ways + Means Committee, please contact your WM or Secretary. If you have any fundraiser ideas, please let the Chapter know.

•—Masonic Family T-Shirts: The “Nashua Masonic Family VOLUNTEERS” T-shirts have arrived! If you would like to purchase one, please contact Sister Tracey Thompson at

•—Pilgrim Chapter Cook-Off: Tantalize your taste buds in this culinary competition! We will have a Cook Off Fundraiser on Saturday, March 15, from 12-5pm to raise funds for the Ferguson-Sawyer Relief Fund. Anyone can enter an appetizer, Entrée, or dessert for $10.00 (per entry). All are invited to attend and can judge the cuisine for $10 for 5 tasting cups. There will also be a donation bowl out for anyone who wishes to donate. A panel of qualified judges will make the final determination and the winner of the Cook-Off will receive a trophy and bragging rights for the year! See attached form to enter and contact Sister Tracey Thompson for Tickets!

Celebrating 92 years of Fraternal Service

Ongoing Programs/Committees and Chairpersons:

• Tabs for Shriners: Sister Joan L. Smith, P.M. at (603)888-0891

• Labels for Education: Sister Judy Porter at (603)882-5854

• Rainbow Girls: Sister Lisa F. Britko, P.M., Mother Advisor at (603)566-5681

• Pledge/Sparkle Girls: Sister Sharon M. Jackson, P.M. at (603)459-8036 or Sister Stacy M. Desrosiers, P.M. at (603) 579-0519

Celebrations, Sickness, and Sympathy

Congratulations to the DeMolay Chapter in Cornish Flats, NH on obtaining their Charter and having 16 new DeMolay members to initiate! What an impressive accomplishment!

Get Well Wishes go out to Sister Jean Sudsbury, PM, who is on the mend after a recent illness; to Sister Sherry Jackson, PM, who was having troubles with her knees; to Sister Jeannette Healey, PM, and Sister Elsie Durkee, who are in new rehab facilities and are getting better; to Brother Jack Caynon who is still at Greenbriar; and to everyone who has been “down with the flu” over the last month!

Sympathy is extended to the family of Sister Dottie Archambault, a 10-year member, who passed away on December 31, to Sister Sandi and Brother C. Wayne Libby on the passing of their Brother and Brother-in-Law, and to Sister Jennifer Anderson on the passing of her Uncle.

So that none may be forgotten, please notify the Worthy Matron or the Secretary or any glad or sad tidings!

Happy January Birthday/Anniversary

Help us to complete our member database by contacting the Secretary to update your information – we would love to recognize everyone on their birthday or anniversary!

If there are any changes in your address/information, please notify our Secretary so that she may correct your information.

Ever wonder what your assessment goes toward? Take a look at this: These are stained glass windows designed by Brother Ryan Flynn for the windows in the Lodge Room. There have been a lot more improvements to the Building over the last year – so come stop in and take a look around!

Food for Thought

“To be a good cook you have to have a love of the good, a love of hard work, and a love of creating.” ― Julia Child

My parents put a lot of hard work into our Family Christmas Dinner. The tree was decorated beautifully, the stockings hung just so. My mother’s Christmas Village set up nicely in the basement (because it just doesn’t fit in the window anymore!). And we even had snow.

My father carved the roast, my daughter set the table, and my mother reset the table again the right way. And then she forgave me for rushing back home to get the potatoes I had forgotten to bring for a side dish. Moms are like that.

But it wasn’t the cooking that made it a great feast. It was the joy of having a full house. It was the first Christmas that all of their kids, their kids’ spouses, and grandkid would all be in the same place at the same time. Laughs were shared, debates were held, and we caught up on each others lives.

That was really what all the hard work was for. It wasn’t just about the decorations or the presents (well, except for Emily – she’s 5), it was about the good memories and creating new ones, cooking up new traditions within our families.

When you put a lot of hard work into something, a lot of good into it, and a lot of love and joy, you can create something incredible, something that will leave a sumptious taste on the pallet that will never be forgotten.

And if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of that incredible dish – say Thank You!

Heidi Roy – 1/3
Richard Norcross – 1/4
Richard Poole – 1/5
Lorraine Thompson – 1/16
Nancy Molnar – 1/17
Debra Bean – 1/20
Charleen Lord – 1/21
Katherine Norcross – 1/25
Roberta Champagne – 1/30

Mary Yannetti – 1/16

Star Anniversaries
Sandra Linton – 1/28 (55 years)
Anne Senter – 1/8 (52 years)
Meryon Miner – 1/2 (46 years)
Lauri McMullen – 1/12 (37 years)
Marsha Gray – 1/26 (31 years)
Joan Clark – 1/20 (25 years)
Roz Arroyo – 1/28 (21 years)
Valerie Sonner – 1/28 (14 years)
Ronald Carbary – 1/28 (14 years)
Nora Hunt – 1/23 (5 years)
David Hunt – 1/23 (5 years)
Mary Yannetti – 1/23 (5 years)
Alison Lyne – 1/28 (3 years)
Stephen Bahsler – 1/28 (3 years)

It’s Supper Season!

Another way we bring funds (and FUN) into our Chapter is serving suppers! Please contact Sister Shelley M. Gullett, PM, at to sign up if you would like to help!

Mon, Jan 13 (35 ppl) Mon, Jan 20 (35 ppl)
Mon, Feb 3 (35 ppl) Mon, Feb 10 (35 ppl)
Mon, Feb 17 (35 ppl) Mon, Feb 24 (35 ppl)

If there is any change in your address, please notify our Secretary so that she May correct her records. So that none May be forgotten, please notify the Worthy Matron