Upcoming Events!
Contact the WM, WP, or Sec’y for more information!
Feb 15 Murder Mystery Dinner Theater, 6-7 Social Hour, 7pm Show
Feb 16 Pledge Breakfast, 7:30am-10AM
Feb 16 First Rehearsal for Visitation, 12-3pm
Feb 19 Rising Sun #39 Stated Mtng
Feb 20 Nashua #9 Stated Mtng
Feb 22 Kitchen Training, 9-11am
Feb 23 Old Fashion Degree Rehearsal, 3-5pm
Mar 2 Lunar Knights Group Mtng
Mar 4 Ruth #16 Visitation, 7:30pm
Mar 6 Nashua #9 Stated Mtng
Mar 9 Mr. NH Rainbow, Portsmouth, 1- 5pm
Mar 9 Second Rehearsal for Visitation, 6-8pm
Mar 15 Pilgrim Chapter Cook Off, 12-5pm to benefit Ferguson Sawyer Fund