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YOU MUST HAVE BEEN A BEAUTIFUL BABY . . .But Baby, look at you now!
You are cordially invited to join Pilgrim Chapter celebrate it’s 100th year as a NH Chapter in the Order of the Eastern Star. We are having a Beautiful Baby Contest to raise funds for our 100th Celebration in October 2022, and here is how you can join in the fun:

Submit a picture of you as a baby and you as an adult. (Please label your name with both, so that our arrangement "artist" will be sure who is whom for our ballot paperwork. You should email photos to Judy Trest at jthrest@twc.com or snail mail to Judy Trest at 1408 Crestgate Dr, Waxhaw, NC 28173. Send your $10 donation with the two pictures. Checks sent should be made payable to Pilgrim Chapter #55. Otherwise you can submit your payment via our paypal account. Details on our Webpage and Facebook. That $10 will entitle you to a one time selection on any pictures. (If you wish to enter more than one set of PIX, simply send Judy another set of PIX and another $10.)

If you do not wish to submit photos, just put in your Name and eMAIL in the boxes at the bottom. You may select any entries below and complete $10 donation using any payment option.

If you wish to Donate anonmously, just make your selections, fill in name of your Pet, and NoEmail as your eMail. Indeed, we will gladly accept Donations and PIX of Mother Goose & Baby Goslin.

Pictures will need to be submitted by May 15 2022. . Making selections & donations will go through August 31 2022.
Our final winner(s) will be revealed at Pilgrim Chapter’s meeting in September. The winner will receive a discount toward their attendance at our Grand Finale Celebration. (More details will be forthcoming.)

Instructions: Scroll Down or Up to review the Pictures.
    Select the BUTTON OVER THE HEAD of one adult then
    Select the BUTTON OVER HEAD any child picture then
    Enter your NAME and EMAIL before you SUBMIT.

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